Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station - License Renewal Application

Renewed License Issued on 03/21/2011

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License Renewal Review Schedule*

* These schedules reflect work plans that are subject to change. Early completion of a milestone may affect the target date of future milestones. Subsequent meetings and comment periods may change based on the revised schedule. This work plan will be updated on a periodic basis. Please see the NRC Public Meetings Page or contact the listed PM for the latest information on meetings and status.

Milestone Schedule Actual
Receive License Renewal (LR) Application 01/27/06 01/27/06
Federal Register Notice (FRN) Published - Receipt & Availability Review 01/31/06 01/31/06
Public Information Meeting - LR Process & Safety Review Overview 03/01/06 03/01/06
FRN Published - Acceptability/Opportunity for Hearing 03/28/06 03/27/06
Audit - Aging Management Programs (AMPs) 04/17/06 04/17/06
FRN Published - Intent/Environmental Scoping Meeting 04/21/06 04/21/06
Audit - Scoping and Screening Methodology 04/25/06 04/25/06
Audit - Aging Management Reviews (AMRs) 05/15/06 05/15/06
Environmental Site Audit 05/22/06 05/22/06
Deadline for Filing Hearing Requests and Petitions for Intervention 05/27/06 05/27/06
Public Meeting - Environmental Scoping 06/07/06 06/07/06
Environmental Scoping Periods Ends 06/23/06 06/23/06
Public Exit Meeting - Scoping & Screening Methodology Audit 07/20/06 07/20/06
Public Exit Meeting - AMP/AMR Audit 07/20/06 07/20/06
Environmental Requests for Additional information (RAIs) - Issued 07/14/06 06/01/06
Environmental RAIs - Responses Received 09/01/06 09/20/06
Safety RAIs - Issued 10/01/06 10/10/06
Safety RAI - Responses Received 11/01/06 11/09/06
Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) Issued 12/15/06 12/13/06
FRN Published - Availability/Comment on draft SEIS 12/22/06 12/22/06
Inspection - Scoping and Screening/AMP 01/22/07 01/22/07
Public Meeting - draft SEIS 01/31/07 01/31/07
Inspection - Scoping & Screening/AMP 02/05/07 02/05/07
End of draft SEIS Comment Period 03/07/07 03/07/07
Safety Evaluation Report (SER) with Open Item(s) - Issued 04/01/07 03/30/07
ACRS Subcommittee Meeting on SER with Open Item(s) 06/05/07 06/05/07
SER Open Item(s) - Response(s) Received 05/11/07 05/08/07
ACRS Full Committee Meeting on SER 02/07/08 02/07/08
SER - Issued 02/25/08 02/25/08
Final SEIS - Issued 08/03/07 08/01/07
FRN Published - Availability of Final SEIS 08/10/07 08/07/07
Second ACRS Full Committee Meeting on SER 03/06/08 03/06/08
Decision - Director, NRR 11/08 03/21/11

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Environmental Impact Statements

NUREG-1437, "Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants Regarding Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station (NUREG-1437, Supplement 30) Final Report" was published August 2007.

This supplement documents the NRC staff's review of the environmental issues at Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station regarding Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc., application for license renewal of that facility. The supplement was prepared in accordance with 10 CFR 51.71. This supplemental environmental impact statement includes the staff's analysis that considers and weighs the environmental effects of the proposed action, the environmental impacts of alternatives to the proposed action, and alternatives available for reducing or avoiding adverse impacts. It also includes the staff's recommendation regarding the proposed actions.

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Safety Evaluation Report

The NRC staff reviewed the Vermont Yankee license renewal application for compliance with the requirements of Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 54, "Requirements for Renewal of Operating Licenses for Nuclear Power Plants," and prepared this report to document its findings. The document was issued in March 30, 2007, as "Safety Evaluation Report With confirmatory Items Related to the License Renewal of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station".

In May 2008, the staff issued the final "Safety Evaluation Report Related to the License Renewal of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station" as NUREG-1907.

In September 2009, the staff issued Supplement 1 to NUREG 1907, "Safety Evaluation Report Related to the License Renewal of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station".

In March 2011, the staff issued Supplement 2 to NUREG 1907, "Safety Evaluation Report Related to the License Renewal of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station".

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Public Involvement

The public is encouraged to participate in the reactor license renewal process through public meetings, and public comment periods on rules, renewal guidance, and other documents. The Reactor License Renewal Public Involvement page provides general information to help the public participate.

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Project Managers for Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Station PMs
License Renewal Robert Kuntz
Lead Power Plant James Kim

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