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Use the following pages to find operating power reactors and major nuclear fuel facilities licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), as well as sites undergoing decommissioning.

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Other Facility Information

  • Power Reactor Status Report - Issued each business day showing current operating status of all reactors
  • Event Notification Report - Events and other information reported to the NRC Operations Center, issued each business day
  • Reactors Project Manager List - This list provides Plant Name, Docket Number, and Project Manager for both Power Reactors and Research and Test Reactors
  • Reactor Oversight Process - The NRC's program for inspecting and evaluating safety performance of nuclear power reactors. The Reactor Oversight Process Web area includes up-to-date information about each reactor: performance indicators (statistics showing safety performance) and inspection findings, updated quarterly; inspections reports; and semiannual performance assessments.
  • Fuel Cycle Project Manager List – This list provides Facility Name, Docket Number, and Project Manager for Fuel Cycle Facilities
  • Escalated Enforcement Actions - Significant enforcement actions that the NRC has issued to reactor licensees based on inspection finding or performance indicators and violations involving fines or other enforcement measures
  • ADAMS Public Documents - Search for documents since April 2000 using the docket number and other criteria

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