Materials Environmental Reviews

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires all Federal agencies to evaluate the impacts of proposed major actions on the human environment. The NRC complies with NEPA through its regulations in 10 CFR Part 51.

The Environmental Review Branch in the NRC's Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards (NMSS) serves as the Center of Excellence for conducting environmental reviews in support of NMSS regulatory and licensing actions. The Environmental Review Branch considers the environmental effects of the proposed action on land use, water quality and use, ecological resources, noise, public and occupational health, socioeconomics, air quality, and environmental justice to name a few.

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The Environmental Review Branch develops all environmental impact statements (EISs) and complex environmental assessments (EAs) for decommissioning activities, uranium recovery licensing, fuel cycle licensing, spent fuel and transportation licensing, and rulemaking actions. The Environmental Review Branch also reviews and coordinates with other Federal and State agencies; develops environmental guidance; and provides assistance, training, and support in the environmental review areas.

The following table presents a list of current NEPA reviews.

FacilityFacility TypeApplication TypeNEPA Document
CimarronDecommissioning Materials Site (former Fuel Fabrication Facility)License Termination PlanEnvironmental Assessment
Church RockDecommissioning Material SiteDecommissioning PlanEnvironmental Impact Statement
Dewey BurdockIn Situ Recovery (ISR)New License ApplicationEnvironmental Assessment
HI-STORE (Holtec)Independent Spent Fuel Storage InstallationNew License ApplicationEnvironmental Impact Statement
HoneywellFuel FacilityLicense RenewalEnvironmental Assessment
Humboldt BayIndependent Spent Fuel Storage InstallationLicense RenewalEnvironmental Assessment
Interim Storage PartnersIndependent Spent Fuel Storage InstallationNew License ApplicationEnvironmental Impact Statement
Rancho SecoIndependent Spent Fuel Storage InstallationLicense RenewalEnvironmental Assessment
Rio AlgomDecommissioning Material SitePartial Site ReleaseEnvironmental Assessment
Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC (Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility)Uranium Fuel FabricationLicense RenewalEnvironmental Assessment
West Valley (NRC is a cooperating agency)Decommissioning material siteWest Valley Demonstration ProjectSupplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Public Involvement

The environmental review process under NEPA provides an opportunity for the public to provide input into the NRC's review, whether it is through scoping, or submitting comments on a draft EIS. See Documents for Comment for a list of NEPA documents available for comment.

In addition to NEPA, the NRC's regulatory process provides a variety of opportunities for the public to participate. The NRC announces upcoming public meetings to enable interested members of the public to participate. NRC also encourages public involvement in rulemaking, uranium recovery, fuel cycle programs, spent fuel storage topics, and decommissioning. In addition, the NRC provides notices of major licensing applications to inform the public about hearings and opportunities to intervene.

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