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Public Involvement in the Fuel Cycle Program

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) considers public involvement in fuel cycle activities to be a cornerstone of strong, fair regulation of these facilities. The public is invited to comment on fuel cycle activities in addition to observing or participating in certain meetings. See our Public Involvement pages for more information.

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Uranium Conversion

No activity at this time.

Uranium Enrichment

There are several Uranium Enrichment facilities in the process of being licensed or that have recently received a license. See Public Involvement in General Electric (GE) Laser Enrichment Facility Licensing, AREVA Eagle Rock Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Facility, and the Urenco-USA Louisiana Energy Services (LES) Gas Centrifuge Facility.

Fuel Fabrication

See Public Involvement in Mixed Oxide Fuel Facility Licensing.

See also Public Meetings Regarding the Nuclear Fuel Services Fuel Fabrication Facility.

Deconversion of Depleted Uranium

See Public Involvement for a meeting schedule and meeting archive.

Fuel Cycle Information Exchange (FCIX)

The NRC hosts an annual Fuel Cycle Information Exchange to discuss regulatory activities related to fuel cycle facilities. There is no fee for the conference and the public is invited to attend. Information on the FCIX can be found on the tab “Public Meetings & Involvement", under "Conferences & Symposia".

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