Report a Safety or Security Concern


Involving a nuclear facility or radioactive materials, including

  • Any accident involving a nuclear reactor, nuclear fuel facility, or radioactive materials,
  • Lost or damaged radioactive materials,
  • Any threat, theft, smuggling, vandalism, or terrorist activity involving a nuclear facility or radioactive materials.

Call NRC's 24-Hour
Headquarters Operations Center:
(301) 816-5100

We accept collect calls.
Note: Calls to this number are recorded.

Learn more about NRC's Emergency Response Activities.




Including any concern involving a nuclear reactor, nuclear fuel facility, or radioactive materials.

You may send an e-mail to Allegations. However, because e-mail transmission may not be completely secure, if you are concerned about protecting your identity it is preferable that you contact us by phone or in person. You may contact any NRC employee (including a resident inspector) or call:

NRC's Toll-Free Safety Hotline:
(800) 695-7403

Note: If you call the NRC's toll-free Safety Hotline during normal business hours, an automated system will prompt you to choose which NRC Regional Office or geographical area to direct your call. If you call after normal business hours, or your call can't be answered during normal business hours by the Region, your call will be directed to the NRC's Headquarters Operations Center, which is a recorded line and manned 24 hours a day.

Some materials and activities are regulated by Agreement States and States: Learn more about Non-Emergency Concerns Involving Agreement States and States.

Learn more about NRC's Response to Non-Emergency Safety Concerns.