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New Fuel Cycle Facility Licensing

The staff of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is performing review activities for possible licensing of new fuel cycle facilities. See the following pages for more information. See Fuel Cycle Facilities Licensing for an overview of the licensing process for fuel cycle facilities.

Current Fuel Cycle Licensing Activities

Organization Location Type of Facility Name of Facility Status
Centrus Energy Corporation Piketon, Ohio Centrifuge enrichment American Centrifuge Plant Application submitted to the NRC in August 2004. NRC license issued in April 2007. Facility construction began in May 2007. Construction of the facility is not currently proceeding.
AREVA Enrichment Services Bonneville County, Idaho Centrifuge enrichment Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility Application submitted to the NRC in December 2008. License issued in October 2011. Construction of the facility is not currently proceeding.
GE – Hitachi Wilmington, North Carolina Laser enrichment GLE Uranium Enrichment Facility NRC issued a license amendment in May 2008 for a test loop. A full scale facility was licensed in September 2012. Construction of the facility is not currently proceeding.
CB&I AREVA MOX Services Aiken, South Carolina Mixed-oxide fuel fabrication Mixed-Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility Application for construction authorization submitted in April 2001. Construction authorization issued by the NRC in March 2005 and construction of the facility is underway. Application for operating license submitted in November 2006. The Safety Evaluation Report was issued in December 2010 and the ACRS review is complete. Currently awaiting completion of the principle structures, systems and components per 70.23 (a)(8).
International Isotopes Fluorine Products, Inc. (IIFP) Lea County, New Mexico Fluorine extraction and depleted uranium deconversion Fluorine Extraction Process and Depleted Uranium Deconversion (FEP/DUP) Plant NRC issued IIFP a 40 year license on 10/02/2012. The date for commencement of construction is yet to be determined. Construction of the facility is not currently proceeding.

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