Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation – Public Involvement

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has a long-standing practice of conducting our regulatory, licensing, and oversight activities in an open manner. For that reason, we are committed to informing the public and providing opportunities to participate in our decisionmaking process regarding regulation of spent nuclear fuel storage and transportation, extended storage of spent fuel, and transportation of spent fuel after extended storage periods. Toward that end, we periodically hold meetings, conferences, and workshops to inform the public or solicit input. We also occasionally publish documents for public comment. The staff may use information obtained from the public to inform our regulations, guidance, licensing, and inspection processes; environmental reviews; or other activities.

For general information about available opportunities for public involvement in NRC activities, see Public Meetings and Involvement, Hearing Opportunities and License Applications, and NUREG/BR-0215, "Public Involvement in the Regulatory Process."

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