Consolidated Interim Storage Facility (CISF)

The NRC has received two applications for Consolidated Interim Storage Facilities. These facilities are reviewed as applications for a specific license under 10 CFR Part 72 and, as proposed, are not co-located with a power reactor.

Under a specific license, an applicant submits a license application to the NRC and the NRC performs a technical review of all the safety and environmental protection aspects of the proposed ISFSI.  During this process, the NRC notifies all stakeholders (including the public) as to how and when they may participate in the regulatory process, which may include participating in public meetings, opportunities to comment on the scope and the draft findings of the environmental impact statement, and opportunities to request a hearing on the issuance of the license.  If the application is approved, the NRC issues a license that is valid for up to 40 years. A spent fuel storage license contains technical requirements and operating conditions (e.g., fuel specifications, cask leak testing, surveillance, and other requirements) for the ISFSI and specifies what the licensee is authorized to store at the site.  For more information, see the page on Licensing Process for ISFSIs.

NRC is currently reviewing applications for a CISF in Andrews County, Texas and a CISF in Lea County, New Mexico and plan to complete the safety, security, and environmental reviews by summer of 2021.

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CIS Applications

Applicant Location Application Date
Interim Storage Partners, LLC Andrews County, Texas April 28, 2016
Holtec International Lea County, New Mexico March 31, 2017

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