NRC Contacts for Fuel Cycle Facilities

NOTE: If you need to report a safety concern, please do not use this page. Instead, please see Report a Safety or Security Concern.

To reach employees by telephone, please see the NRC telephone directory.

Facility Name Docket Number Project Manager
Framatome 07001257 Osiris Siurano
BWXT 07000027 James Downs
Westinghouse 07001151 Dave Tiktinsky
Global Laser Enrichment (GLE) 07007016 Dave Tiktinsky
GNF-A 07001113 Ty Naquin
Honeywell 04003392 Dave Tiktinsky
International Isotopes 04009086 Yawar Faraz
Louisiana Energy Services (LES) 07003103 Kevin Ramsey
NFS 07000143 James Downs
American Centrifuge Plant (ACP) 07007004 Yawar Faraz
Lead Cascade 07007003 Yawar Faraz

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