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National Defense Authorization Act [See Section 3116 of the Ronald W. Reagan National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)]
National Environmental Policy Act
National Materials Program (NMP)
National Source Tracking System

Annual Inventory Reconciliation


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New Reactor
Combined License Applications
Design Certifications Applications
Early Site Permit Applications
Quality Assurance for Nuclear Power Plants
Radiation Protection
Regulations, Guidance, and Communications for New Reactors
Regulatory Oversight
News Releases
Nine Mile Point Units 1 & 2 - License Renewal Application
NMP (National Materials Program)
NMSS Procedures
Non-Power Facilities 
NRC Approach to Open Government, The
CIO-Council .Gov Reform Initiative
Digital Government Strategy

Building a 21st Century Digital Government Platform
Evaluating Our Progress
Evaluating Our Progress
Key External Audience Needs for NRC High-Value Datasets
NRC Contacts for Open Government
NRC Digital Government Progress Report (HTML Format)
NRC Digital Government Progress Report (JSON Format)
NRC Digital Government Progress Report (XML Format)
NRC High-Value Dataset Metrics
NRC's High-Value Datasets
NRC Web Improvement Plan
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Open Government Philosophy, Plan, and News
Other Federal Open Government Initiatives
Plain Writing at the NRC
Selected NRC Information Resources
Share Your Ideas About the NRC Approach to Open Government
Sharing Information through Social Media
NRC Social Media Metrics
Streamlining Service Delivery and Improving Customer Service
NRC Customer Service Plan
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NRC Form 748 (National Source Tracking Transaction Report)
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Records Management
Withholding of Sensitive Information
NRR Task Action Plans
Nuclear Energy (See About Nuclear Energy)
Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) (See International Programs, Organizations)
Nuclear Materials
Academic and Research Uses
Alternatives To Be Evaluated
Agreement State Sites
Applications (In Review)
Applications, Restarts, and Expansions (Expected)
Byproduct Material
Comparison of Conventional Mill, Heap Leach, and ISL Facilities
Complex Materials Sites Undergoing Decommissioning
Conventional Uranium Mills
NRC-Regulated Sites
Facilities by Location or NameFuel Cycle Facilities
Exempt Consumer Product Uses
Extraction Methods
Environmental Impact Areas To Be Analyzed
Facility Locations
Fuel Cycle Facilities Undergoing Decommissioning
Fuel Cycle Facilities
Fuel Cycle Facilities Licensing
Fuel Cycle Facilities Oversight
Fuel Cycle Facilities Regulations, Guidance, and Communications

Fire Protection Program for Fuel Cycle Facilities

Fire Protection Activities for Fuel Cycle Facilities

Fire Protection Regulations and Guidance for Fuel Cycle Facilities

Fire Risks for Fuel Cycle Facilities

Types of Fire Protection Measures for Fuel Cycle Facilities

Fuel Fabrication
Gas Centrifuge Enrichment
General License Uses
Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) for Uranium Milling Facilities
General License Registration and Tracking
Heap Leach and Ion-Exchange Facilities
Industrial Uses
Licensed Facilities
Licensing of Medical, Industrial, and Academic Uses of Nuclear Materials
In Situ Leach Recovery Facilities
Materials Transportation Oversight
Medical, Industrial, and Academic Uses of Nuclear Materials
Medical, Industrial, Academic Uses of Nuclear Materials Regulations, Guidance, and Communications
Medical Uses Licensee Toolkit
Medical Uses
Mixed-Oxide Fuel Fabrication
New Fuel Facility Licensing
Orphan Sources
Outreach Strategy for Indian Tribes Potentially Affected by Uranium Recovery Sites
Oversight of Licensed Uranium Recovery Operations
Package Certification
Product Manufacturing and Distribution
Public Involvement
Public Involvement in the GEIS Process
Public Involvement

Region I

Region II

Region III

Region IV

Nuclear Materials Transportation Regulations, Guidance, and Communications
Sealed Source and Device Registration
Sites Undergoing Decommissioning
Source Material
Source Material Facilities Licensing
Special Nuclear Material
Shipping Requirements
Toolboxes (include regulations, low-level waste, NARM, and IMPEP toolboxes)
Transportation of Nuclear Materials
Stages of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Uranium Conversion
Uranium Enrichment
Uranium Recovery
Uranium Recovery Regulations, Guidance, and Communications
Nuclear Materials Events Database (NMED) (Password Required)
Nuclear Materials Licensees Toolkits Index
Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards, Office of
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act of 1978
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Office of
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issuances (NUREG-0750)
Nuclear Regulatory Research, Office of
Nuclear Research Activities

Computer Codes

Digital Instrumentation and Controls (I&C)

Fire Research Program

Nuclear Materials Safety Research
Nuclear Reactor Safety Research
Radioactive Waste Safety Research
Radiological Toolbox
State-of-the-Art Reactor Consequence Analyses (SOARCA)
Nuclear Security and Incident Response, Office of
About Emergency Preparedness
About Emergency Response
Contact Us
Emergency Preparedness and Response
Frequently Asked Questions
How Can I Prepare for a Radiological Emergency?
Regulations, Guidance, and Generic Communications
Related Information and Other Resources
Rulemaking Activities
What Do I Do in a Radiological Emergency?
Nuclear Security and Safeguards
Contact Us
Domestic Safeguards
Information Security
Insider Threat Program for Licensees
Radioactive Material Security
Required Reporting for Clearance Holders
Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982, as amended
NUREG-Series (See Agency Technical Reports)
Training Course: NUREG-1855 Guidance on the Treatment of Uncertainties Associated with PRAs in Risk-informed Decisionmaking

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