Index A-Z (E Entries)

Early Site Permits - Licensing Reviews
Early Site Permits; Standard Design Certifications and Combined Licenses for Nuclear Power Plants (10 CFR Part 52)
Electronic Government (E-Gov) Documents
Electronic Hearing Docket
High-Level Waste Hearings
Reactors, Materials and Other Hearings
Electronic Information Exchange (See Electronic Submittals Application)
Electronic Reading Room (See NRC Library)
Electronic Submittals Application (formerly Electronic Information Exchange [EIE])
Getting Started
Adjudicatory Submissions
Contact Us
Non-Adjudicatory Documents
Criminal History
Criminal History Quick Start Guide
Criminal History Users' Guide
General Submissions
Reference Materials for Electronic Submissions
Obtain a Digital Certificate
NRC's Digital ID Center
Electronic Submittals Active-X Plug-in Installation Guide
Emergency Preparedness and Response (see Nuclear Security and Incident Response, Office of)
Employment Opportunities (See Chief Human Capital Officer, Office of)
Energy Reorganization Act of 1974
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Contact Us About Enforcement
Enforcement Authority and Regulations
Enforcement Guidance
Enforcement Policy
Enforcement Process Diagram
Enforcement Program Overview
Issued Significant Enforcement Actions
Public Involvement in the Enforcement Process
Sanctions for Discrimination Against Employees Who Raise Safety Concerns
Safety Culture
Upcoming Conferences
Enforcement Documents
History of Enforcement Policy
Office of Enforcement Annual Reports
Notices of Enforcement Discretion
Security Orders
Significant Enforcement Actions
Enforcement, Office of
Environmental Protection Regulations for Domestic Licensing and Related Regulatory Functions (10 CFR Part 51)
Equal Employment Opportunity

Anti-Harassment Policy

Civil Rights Program

About the Civil Rights Program

Alternative Dispute Resolution in the NRC's EEO Program

ADR Coordinator/Agency Official

Formal Complaint Stage

Request for ADR Prior to Completion of Investigation

Request for ADR and Final Agency Decision (FAD) With/Without a Hearing


Pre-Complaint Stage

Making an Election

Resolution During ADR

No Resolution During AD

Discrimination Complaint Activity (Pursuant to the No FEAR Act)

Disabilities, Accommodation for People with

EEO Policy

Federal Statutes, Regulations, and Policies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to File an EEO Complaint

EEO Counselors

EEO Discrimination Complaint Process Flowchart

EEO Discrimination Complaint Process Pamphlet

Formal Complaint Process

Pre-Complaint Process

Contact Us
Event, Reports Associated with
Event Notification
Morning Report
Part 21
Power Reactor Status Report
Preliminary Notifications
Executive Director for Operations, Office of the

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