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Enforcement Policy

The Enforcement Policy is applicable to enforcement matters involving the radiological health and safety of the public, including employee health and safety, the common defense and security, and the environment. However, the medical event reporting interim enforcement policy applies only to medical events occurring under an NRC licensee's permanent implant brachytherapy program.

The current version of the Enforcement Policy, dated May 15, 2018, is available in ADAMS at ML18138A138.

Date Change SRM FRN SECY Policy
05/15/18 Adjusted Civil Monetary Penalties for 2018   83 FR 22535   PDF Icon
11/01/16 Risk inform Section 6.13, "Information Security;" implement the Construction Reactor Oversight Process; and miscellaneous modifications to: (1) Section 7.0, "Glossary," (2) Section 6.0, "Violation Examples," and (3) Section 2.3.4, "Civil Penalty." HTML Icon 81 FR 78022 HTML Icon PDF Icon
07/01/16 Adjusted the maximum civil penalty   81 FR 47689 PDF Icon PDF Icon

For previous revisions of the Enforcement Policy, see History of Enforcement Policy.

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