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See also Dispositioning of Enforcement Issues in a Risk-Informed Framework - Memorandum from Director, Office of Enforcement, December 5, 2000.


Enforcement Manual

On June 24, 2024, the NRC issued Change No. 17 to Revision 11 of the NRC Enforcement Manual. This document is used by the NRC enforcement staff. The Manual is a joint effort that draws on the knowledge and experience of the enforcement staff from across the Agency, and is a living document that is regularly updated for accuracy. Detailed summaries of recent Manual updates are included in individual Change Notices listed in the Change Notice Index.

The Manual was first published in June 1990 as a tool to assist the NRC staff in implementing the Commission's enforcement program consistent with NRC's Enforcement Policy. Intended for internal use by the NRC, the Manual contains procedures, requirements, and background information used by the staff that develop or review enforcement actions. As such, failure to follow the guidance in this Manual does not invalidate an enforcement action.

Change Notice Index  
Part I and Part II Part I – NRC Enforcement Process
Part II – Topical Chapters
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Part III Appendix A: Temporary Enforcement Guidance html icon
  Appendix B: Standard Formats for Enforcement Packages html icon
  Appendix C: Standard Citations for Enforcement Actions PDF Icon
  Appendix D: Enforcement Processing Aids and Forms html icon
  Appendix E: Examples of Minor Violations PDF Icon
  Appendix F: Notices of Enforcement Discretion PDF Icon

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Memoranda of Understanding Between NRC and Other Agencies Regarding Enforcement

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