Enforcement Manual Appendix A - Temporary Enforcement Guidance

Appendix A contains temporary enforcement guidance, including temporary Enforcement Guidance Memoranda (EGMs). The NRC Enforcement Manual Change Notice Index, in the front of the Manual, contains a complete chronological listing of Change Notices, including the issuance of temporary enforcement guidance.

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EGM-23-001, "Interim Guidance for Dispositioning Violations Associated with the Enhanced Weapons, Firearms Background Checks, and Security Event Notification Rule" 12/05/2023
EGM 20-003, "Interim Guidance for Dispositioning Violations of Licensed Material Possession and Use Limits" 07/15/2020

EGM 20-002, "Dispositioning Violations of NRC Requirements During COVID-19 Pandemic"

Attachment 1 – "Dispositioning Violations of NRC Requirements for Completion Periodicities Associated with Security Training and Requalification Requirements During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency," dated 04/15/2020

Attachment 2 – "Dispositioning Violations of NRC Requirements Under 10 CFR Parts 30-36 and 39, Resulting from Impacts of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE), Where the Licensee Suspended the Use of Licensed Material and Placed Material in Safe Storage," dated 05/19/2020

Attachment 3 – "Dispositioning Violations of NRC Requirements for Compliance with Radiological Emergency Response Plans During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency," dated 05/27/2020
EGM-20-001 Revision 4, "Enforcement Discretion Not to Cite Certain Violations of 10 CFR 73.56 Requirements" 06/24/2024
EGM 19-001, "Clarification of Inspection Documentation Requirements in Section 2.2.3 of the Enforcement Policy" 12/04/2019
EGM-18-002, "Interim Guidance for Dispositioning Violations for Failure to Control and Maintain Constant Surveillance for Portable Gauges" 08/01/2018
EGM-14-001, "Interim Guidance for Dispositioning 10 CFR Part 37 Inspection Findings with Respect to Large Components and Robust Structures at Facilities Licensed Under 10 CFR Parts 50 and 52" 03/13/2014
EGM 13-003, "Interim Guidance for Dispositioning Violations Involving 10 CFR 35.60 and 10 CFR 35.63 for the Calibration of Instrumentation to Measure the Activity of  Rubidium-82 and the Determination of Rubidium-82 Patient Dosages" 04/18/2013