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OIG Hotline, Frequently Asked Questions About the
Open Government, The NRC Approach to
Building a 21st Century Digital Government Platform
CIO-Council .Gov Reform Initiative
Digital Government Strategy
Evaluating Our Progress in Implementing the Digital Government Strategy
Evaluating Our Progress on Open Government
Key External Audience Needs for NRC High-Value Datasets
NRC Contacts for Open Government
NRC Customer Service Plan
NRC Digital Government Progress Report (HTML Format)
NRC Digital Government Progress Report (JSON Format)
NRC Digital Government Progress Report (XML Format)
NRC High-Value Dataset Metrics
NRC's High-Value Datasets
NRC Social Media Metrics
NRC Web Improvement Plan
Online Comment Form
Open Government Philosophy, Plan, and News
Other Federal Open Government Initiatives
Plain Writing at the NRC
Public Participation
Selected NRC Information Resources
Share Your Ideas About the NRC Approach to Open Government
Sharing Information through Social Media
Streamlining Service Delivery and Improving Customer Service
Tell Us Your Thoughts
Operating Reactors
Access Authorization Programs
Action Matrix
Assessment Letters
Assessment of Plant Performance (Action Matrix)
Buried Piping Activities
Communications and Public Involvement
Concrete Degradation at Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant
Cross Cutting Issues
Davis-Besse Reactor Vessel Head Degradation
Fitness-for-Duty Programs
Fire Protection Program
Groundwater Contamination (Tritium)
Human Factors
Inspection Findings
Inspection Reports
Implementing Lessons Learned from Fukushima
License Fees
License Renewal
License Transfers and Mergers
Multiple/Repetitive Degraded Cornerstone Column
Operating Reactor Analytics
Operating Reactor Maintenance Effectiveness
Operational Experience
Performance Indicators
Plant Summaries
Power Uprates
PWR Sump Performance
Reactor Pressure Boundary Integrity Issues for Pressurized Water Reactors
Reactor Vessel Integrity
ROP Evaluation
ROP Framework
ROP References
Reactor Oversight Process (ROP)
Reactor Site Criteria (10 CFR Part 100)
Regulations, Guidance, and Communications
Steam Generator Tube Degradation at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS)
Standard Technical Specifications
Transitioning In: New Plants
Transitioning Out: Decommissioning Plants
Operator Licensing, Reactor
Boiling Water Reactor (BWR)
Contact Us About Operator Licensing
General Information
Generic Fundamentals Examinations
Licensing Process
Operator Licensing Program Feedback
Operators' Licenses (10 CFR Part 55)
Oversight Program
Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR)
Public Involvement
Related Documents and Other Resources
Regulations, Guidance, and Communications
Options to Revise Radiation Protection Regulations and Guidance

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