Cross Cutting Issues

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icon/hyperlink for: Assessment of Plant Performance (Action Matrix) pages, consisting of a magenta circle with a light green outline and in the center, a white image of a clipboard and a big, white check mark inside. The NRC evaluates whether a cross cutting issue exists at each operating reactor twice a year; during the second quarter assessment review (four quarters from July – June) and end-of-cycle assessment meetings (four quarters from January – December), in accordance with IMC 0305. If the NRC determines that a cross cutting issue exists at a given plant, the resultant assessment letter summarizes the specific cross cutting issue to include the necessary actions to resolve the issue. The next assessment letter will either state that the issue has been satisfactorily resolved or summarize the agency's assessment and licensee's progress in addressing the issue.

"Yes" in the matrix below indicates that the plant has an open cross cutting issue in that area based on the most recent assessment. "Closed" in the matrix below indicates that the plant had a cross cutting issue closed based on the last assessment. Please see, a list of ROP assessment letters.

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