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Inspection Guidance

  • IMC 2515, "Light Water Reactor Inspection Program -- Operations Phase" - Description of inspection program at operating power reactor facilities
    • Baseline Inspections (IMC 2515 Appendix A) – Inspection procedures performed annually at all plants
    • Supplemental Inspections (IMC 2515 Appendix B) – Inspection procedures performed at plants with performance indicators and inspection findings of some safety significance
    • Special and Infrequent Inspections (IMC 2515 Appendix C) – Inspection procedures performed for selected safety issues and infrequently performed inspections
  • IMC 0611, "Power Reactor Inspection Reports" – Guidance for document inspection findings in an inspection report
  • IMC 0609, "Significance Determination Process (SDP)" – Guidance for assessing the risk significance of inspection findings. SDPs for findings in various cornerstones are in appendixes to MC 0609. Risk-Informed Inspection Notebooks are site-specific information used in the SDP, including initiating event likelihood ratings, initiators and system dependency, SDP phase 2 worksheets, and SDP event trees.
  • Risk Assessment of Operational Events (RASP) Handbook - Methods and guidance that the NRC staff use to achieve more consistent results when performing risk assessments of operational events and licensee performance issues.
  • MD 8.3, "NRC Incident Investigation Program" – Guidance for agency response to significant events
  • IMC 0308, Attachment 2, "Technical Basis for Inspection Program" – Technical basis for the inspection program
  • IMC 0308, Attachment 3, "Significance Determination Process Basis Document" – Technical basis for the various SDPs.
  • Index of Operating Experience Smart Samples (Pilot Program) - Operating Experience Smart Sample (OpESS) provide a detailed synopsis of selected operating experience that can be used as an additional tool by agency staff in ROP inspection preparation.
  • Index of Manual Chapters – Manual Chapters (MCs) are written administrative or inspection program statements of policy that focus on safety issues.
  • Index of Inspection Procedures – Inspection Procedures (IPs) are statements of requirements and guidance for inspection activities that focus on safety issues.
  • A complete index of program documents for the NRC's oversight program is available on the NRC Inspection Manual Web page, including Temporary Instructions and Technical Guidance.

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Assessment Guidance

  • IMC 0305, "Operating Reactor Assessment Program" – Description of NRC's assessment process for inspection findings and performance indicators, including agency response to these items (e.g., the Action Matrix)
  • IMC 0350, "Oversight of Operating Reactors in a Shutdown Condition with Performance Problems"
  • IMC 0307, "Reactor Oversight Process Self-Assessment Program"
  • MD 8.14, "Agency Action Review Meeting" - Description of the annual meeting of senior NRC management to review ROP actions
  • IMC 0308, Attachment 4, "Technical Basis for Assessment" – Technical basis for the assessment program

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Enforcement and Allegations Guidance

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Policy Documents

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