Industry Trends

The NRC conducted the Industry Trends Program (ITP) from 2001 to 2016 as a way to monitor trends in licensee safety performance using industry-level indicators.  In 2016, the NRC eliminated the ITP as part of the agency's Project Aim re-baselining initiative.  The NRC determined that while the ITP provided data that helped validate broad industry performance trends, no regulatory action had ever been identified using ITP insights.  In considering the cost of the program, the NRC noted that any negative trends in performance that the ITP might highlight would be self-revealing or identified through other NRC methods, such as routine licensee performance assessments, the Reactor Oversight Process self-assessment program, end-of-cycle assessment meetings, or the NRC's operating experience program.  More details about the elimination of the ITP can be found in SECY-16-0009, "Recommendations Resulting from the Integrated Prioritization and Re-Baselining of Agency Activities."

Results of the ITP

The deleted Inspection Manual Chapter titled "Industry Trends Program", contains details of the ITP including definitions of the monitored indicators and program descriptions.

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Time Period Commission Paper
FY 2015 SECY-16-0044
FY 2014 SECY-15-0061
FY 2013 SECY-14-0042
FY 2012 SECY-13-0038
FY 2011 SECY-12-0056
Industry Trends Indicator Exceeded
FY 2010 SECY-11-0044
FY 2009 SECY-10-0028
FY 2008 SECY-09-0048
FY 2007 SECY-08-0041
FY 2006 SECY-07-0063
FY 2005 SECY-06-0076
FY 2004 SECY-05-0069
FY 2003 SECY-04-0052
FY 2002 SECY-03-0057
FY 2001 SECY-02-0058
Program Development SECY-01-0111

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