Operator Licensing Program Feedback

The NRC's operator licensing program is governed by the regulations in 10 CFR Part 55 and implemented in accordance with the guidance in NUREG-1021, "Operator Licensing Examination Standards for Power Reactors," and other documents. Individuals interested in these regulations and standards have, over time, requested clarification from the NRC's operator licensing program office regarding specific policies and issues.

In general, the Operator Licensing Program Feedback is organized and revised to conform with the Examination Standards (ES) in NUREG-1021, with bookmarks and links to related documents. Please see this version of the OLPF for NUREG-1021 revision 11 references. As part of revision 12 for NUREG-1021, the OLPF was updated to ensure current guidance and reflect the organization of NUREG-1021 revision 12. As a result of the update, Archived Questions OLPF was developed for questions that generally provided historical clarifications. Please see the OLPF Change Catalog for NUREG-1021 revision 12 which includes detailed changes and a record of deleted questions. Although some of the feedback is very specific in nature and may be limited in its applicability to other licensees, the staff believes that making it available on the website will promote a better understanding of the operator licensing program. Licensees are cautioned to use the feedback as an aid in understanding the elements of the operator licensing program and, if appropriate, to discuss their specific circumstances with the operator licensing staff at the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation or the appropriate NRC Regional Office; moreover, the feedback represents NRC staff positions that are NOT intended as legal interpretations of the regulations.

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