Sharing Information through Social Media

When we published our first Open Government Plan in April 2010, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) embraced a Flagship Initiative to enhance our engagement and communication with the public and other agency stakeholders. The use of social media was one key aspect of that initiative. Social media enables the NRC to reach a broader audience and to better engage, inform and educate the public — in real-time, through multiple channels. For information about our social media tools, please see the following topics on this page:

For the related privacy policies and security notice, see Use of Social Media.

NRC Twitter Feed

The NRC Twitter Feed is a channel for announcements about press releases, blog posts, meeting notices, Federal Register notices, speeches, reports, and other real-time snippets of information that may be retweeted by followers. twitter-logo

NRC YouTube Channel

The NRC YouTube Channel enables us to publish existing and newly created videos that feature brief topics of interest to inform and educate the public. We post small segments of some important Commission briefings, videos previously produced but not extensively distributed and new content. We hope the videos enhance the public's understanding of the agency and its mission, and give a face to the people who work hard every day to protect people and the environment. We don't take comments on YouTube, but there is a YouTube Comments category on the NRC Blog for feedback on our videos. youtube-image

NRC Facebook Page

We use Facebook to share information with the public and to encourage dialogue related to our agency's mission. With Facebook, we are highlighting information posted to our other social media sites and our website, which can then be shared, commented upon, or liked by other Facebook users. Our use of this platform further supports our goals of increased openness and transparency. facebook-image

NRC Flickr Photostream

The NRC Flickr Photostream enables us to share new and historical photos and graphics to raise awareness of the agency's activities. It allows the public to easily browse, view and download images. With Flickr, we can organize NRC photos into albums, which can then be viewed as a slideshow. These albums are a group of photos categorized under a single heading –such as operating power reactors. Flickr has an RSS Feed option that can notify subscribers when we upload new photos or graphics.

We are also a part of the Official US Government Photostreams, a group comprised of official U.S. federal, state and local government image banks on Flickr.



RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is an easy way to keep up with news and information. The NRC RSS Feeds contain headlines, summaries, and links to information on our website. Specific feeds provide easy access to NRC news releases, daily event reports, power reactor status reports, and other topics of interest. rss-image

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