Point Beach 2003-2006 - Multiple/Repetitive Degraded Cornerstone Column

NRC uses the Reactor Oversight Process (ROP) to assess plant performance within the three broad areas of (1) reactor safety, (2) radiation safety, and (3) security. Within these areas, NRC looks at seven cornerstones: (1) Initiating Events, (2) Mitigating Systems, (3) Barrier Integrity, (4) Emergency Preparedness, (5) Occupational Radiation Safety, (6) Public Radiation Safety, and (7) Physical Protection.

If the NRC identifies repetitive degradation in a single cornerstone, multiple degraded cornerstones or high safety significant issues, the NRC documents this plant degradation in the ROP Action Matrix (see Inspection Manual Chapter 0305, "Operating Reactor Assessment Program") in the Multiple/Repetitive Degraded Cornerstone Column. As a result of several failures associated in the cornerstone for Mitigating Systems at Point Beach Nuclear Power Station Units 1 and 2, the NRC gave this plant such a rating and subsequently conducted a diagnostic inspection in accordance with Inspection Procedure 95003. For more information please see the link to the Point Beach Summary below.

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