No NSTS expansion at this time

The National Source Tracking System (NSTS) currently tracks Category 1 and 2 radioactive material sources. The NRC proposed (in 73 FR 19749, dated April 11, 2008) to amend regulations (10 CFR Parts 20 and 32) to expand the NSTS to include additional licensees that possess sealed sources containing the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Category 3 threshold quantities of radioactive material. The NRC staff evaluated comments received on the proposed rule and requested approval (in SECY-09-0086, dated June 10, 2009) from the Commission to publish the final rule in the Federal Register. The NRC staff recommendation in SECY-09-0086 was to expand the NSTS to Category 3 sources instead of below Category 3. The NRC issued a press release on June 30, 2009 communicating that the Commission was unable to reach a decision on the staff's recommendation and therefore can not approve the final rule for NSTS expansion at this time.