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Nuclear Reactor Regulation

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Director: Ho Nieh
Deputy Director for Engineering: Brian McDermott
Deputy Director for Reactor Safety Programs and Mission Support: Michele Evans

NRR is responsible for accomplishing key components of the NRC's nuclear reactor safety mission. As such, NRR conducts a broad range of regulatory activities in the four primary program areas of rulemaking, licensing, oversight, and incident response for commercial nuclear power reactors, and test and research reactors to protect the public health, safety, and the environment. NRR works with the regions and other offices to accomplish its mission and contribute to the agency mission.

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Division of Mission and Program Support

Director: Ashley Roberts

Leads the office's financial management and budget execution activities. Provides oversight and coordination in infrastructure space, principal correspondence, information collection and records management. Leads the office's information technology development and maintenance activities. Leads the office's human capital activities. Supports office communications and Safety Culture activities. Provides Licensing and workload program support.

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Division of Safety Systems

Director: Mirela Gavrilas
Deputy Director: Jane Marshall

Provides nuclear plant systems-related analysis to assess the appropriateness of changes to existing licenses including amendments, exceptions, extensions, and applications for new facilities or designs. This analysis focuses on plant safety-related and non-safety-related systems (containment, ventilation and balance of plant), core physics, and core thermal hydraulics performance. Provides expertise for other related purposes such as specific safety issue resolution, special inspections, and event and incident response. Develops programs and guidelines to improve generic technical specifications and provides interpretations of technical specification requirements.

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Division of Engineering

Director: Eric Benner
Deputy Director: (Vacant)

Provides safety evaluations of licensee's implementation of NRC requirements, changes to existing licenses (including license renewals), topical reports, relief requests and new licenses. Reviews and evaluates the design, fabrication, inspection, and repair of mechanical and electrical equipment, instrumentation and controls (analog and digital), and components. Provides technical expertise for issues in the following: Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation and Controls (Analog and Digital), Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Inservice Testing. Acts as technical liaison with international counterparts, standards committees, and external stakeholders from industry and the public.

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Division of Risk Assessment

Director: Michael Franovich
Deputy Director: Russell Felts

Develops and implements policies and guidance for the use of probabilistic risk assessments in regulatory decision making and rulemaking. Performs and evaluates probabilistic safety assessments for nuclear power plants, evaluates severe accident issues as they relate to new plant designs and current generation plants, evaluates fire protection systems performance, and performs and evaluates accident dose assessments. Develops programs and conducts reviews to ensure the effective consideration of human performance, safety culture, and human factors engineering in nuclear power plant design and operation. Develops and implementing rules, standards, plans, and policy for health physics. Provide expertise for other related purposes such as specific safety issue resolution, special inspections, and event and incident response.

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Division of Materials and License Renewal

Director: George Wilson
Deputy Director: Joseph Donoghue

Provides centralized program management and technical reviews associated with license renewal and environmental activities.

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Division of Operating Reactor Licensing

Director: Craig Erlanger
Deputy Director: Gregory Suber
Deputy Director: Kathryn Brock

Implements the policy, programs, and activities, including coordinating licensing and technical reviews, associated with the overall safety and environmental project management for individual operating power reactors located in the Regions.

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Division of Inspection and Regional Support

Director: Christopher Miller
Deputy Director: Michael King

Provides centralized management of the Reactor Oversight Program and support for regional and resident inspector-based inspection activities consistent with the NRC's mission of protecting the health safety of the public and environment. Responsible for leading, guiding and coordinating the agency activities associated with inspecting and assessing licensee performance at commercial nuclear power plants; evaluating plant operational data and communicating lessons learned to cognizant groups; facilitating enforcement and allegations activities; administering the operator licensing program; and project managing the development and issuance of generic communications. Coordinates the implementation of all these activities and develops recommendations for program changes.

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Division of Licensing Projects

Director: Louise Lund
Deputy Director: MaryJane (MJ) Ross-Lee

Responsible for the development, documentation, and implementation of policies, procedures and program management for NRR rulemaking, including regulatory analysis and the process for maintaining the Code of Federal Regulations associated with reactor regulation; generic communications; topical reports; licensing processes, including Notices of Enforcement Discretion (NOEDs), §2.206 petitions, and regional task interface agreements (TIAs); interoffice coordination, including coordination of reactor-related reports, research user needs and regulatory guides; and, coordination with industry groups, including the Nuclear Energy Institute, the Electric Power Research Institute, the American Society for Mechanical Engineers, owners groups, reactor vendors, and other industry groups. Responsible for all licensing and oversight for operating research and test reactors, including conduct of operator licensing and coordination of security and decommissioning activities.

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