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Office of the Chief Financial Officer

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Chief Financial Officer: Maureen Wylie
Deputy Chief Financial Officer
: Ben Ficks

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for the NRC's Planning and Budgeting, and Performance Management process and for all of the NRC's financial management activities. The CFO establishes planning, budgeting, and financial management policy for the agency and provides advice to the Chairman and the Commission on these matters. The CFO develops and maintains an integrated agency accounting and financial management system; establishes policy and directs oversight of agency financial management personnel, activities, and operations; prepares and transmits an annual report which includes the agency's audited financial statement to the Chairman and to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Responsible for monitoring the financial execution of NRC's budget in relation to actual expenditures. Controls the use of agency funds to ensure that they are expended in accordance with applicable laws and standards. Prepares and submits timely cost and performance reports to the Chairman. Reviews, on a periodic basis, fees and other charges imposed by NRC for services provided and makes recommendations for revising those charges as appropriate. The CFO provides an agency-wide management control program for financial and program managers to comply with the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act, and is responsible for implementing the Chief Financial Officers Act and the GPRA Modernization Act of 2010 at the NRC.

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Division of Planning and Budget

Budget Director: Stephanie Coffin
Deputy Budget Director: Russell Allwein

Manages the agency's Planning, Budgeting, and Performance Management (PBPM) Process. Develops the annual budget, including schedules and guidance for formulating, and executing the agency's budget. Formulates the budget and related legislative policies for agency programs. Develops and presents all agency level budget and related policy proposals to the public and Congress. Advises the Chairman, Commission, and EDO on the budget impact of events occurring within and outside the agency. Manages the agency's administrative control of funds and approves and issues allowances and financial plans. Provides agency senior management with independent analyses on issues related to policy, program, and resource issues. Coordinates the development of the Performance and Accountability Report and Performance Budget and Congressional Budget Justification. Works with agency stakeholders to assure that performance measures ensure the effectiveness of agency programs. Overseas the management of the agency Programmatic Internal Control Program. Maintains liaison with OMB and congressional appropriations committees on the formulation, presentation, and execution of the agency's budget. Develops and maintains policies, procedures, and operations to ensure the formulation and implementation of the approved agency budget. Prepares financial reports to support agency decision makers with budget development and execution.

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Budget Operations Branch 1

Chief: May Ma

Leads the development and implementation of the agency's budget formulation process and related activities, including publication of budget books, agency development of responses to budget Q&As; and preparation of budget briefing materials. Serves as OCFO budget contacts for the Reactor Safety program and Central Allowance offices. Monitors office resource requirements and reviews Commission Papers; participates in review of Funds Utilization Plans and offices' budget execution status; participates in analysis of agency budgets to support agency resource allocation decisions; and conducts budget formulation and budget execution activities for 16 central Allowance offices.

Budget Operations Branch 2

Chief: (Vacant)

Leads the analysis of agency budgets to support short and long term agency resource allocation decisions; development of agency budget activities; and review of offices' budget execution status. Develops, manages and analyzes the agency's Salaries & Benefits budget. Serves as OCFO budget contacts for the Materials and Waste Safety program and Corporate Support offices. Monitors office resource requirements and reviews Commission Papers; supports agency budget formulation activities for the Materials, Waste Safety, and Corporate Support programs; participates in budget Q&A's.

Funds Control Branch

Chief: Patrice Williams-Johnson

Leads the processes for the administrative control of appropriated and non-appropriated funds for the agency; defines requirements for and oversees implementation of the agency's allowance and financial system; and provides training to allowance holders on the roles and responsibilities related to the administrative control of funds. Ensures proper execution of funds appropriated to allowance holders by reviewing, approving, and monitoring outlays, and ensuring adherence to congressional ceilings and reductions. Updates and maintains agency budget structure and budget and reporting codes; and analyzes draft and final appropriations language.

Internal Control and Planning Branch

Team Leader: David Holley

Manages and provides strategic direction for the agency's programmatic internal control program, strategic planning, performance reporting, and fee policy processes. Formulates annual internal control and reasonable assurance, performance and accountability report, and fee policy guidance, standards and procedures. Ensures agency's programmatic internal control complies with the requirements of the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act of 1982, and OMB Circular A-123 guidelines. Oversees the development of the agency's performance and accountability report, strategic plan, summary of performance and financial information, internal control planning, and performance indicator development and reporting. Interprets license fee regulations (10 CFR Parts 170 and 171). Provides managerial oversight of NRC's license fee policy functions. Processes 10 CFR Part 170 license fee waiver and exemption requests. Maintains liaison with OEDO, business line leads, OMB, and AGA on programmatic internal control and performance management matters.

License Fee Policy Team

Team Leader: Michele Kaplan

Administers the NRC's Licensee fee program and provides managerial oversight of NRC's license fee policy functions. Develops and publishes the NRC's annual proposed and final fee rule. Formulates standards and procedures for license fee operational activities. Implements license fee regulations (10 CFR Parts 170 and 171). Administers NRC facilities and materials licensee and annual fee programs. Interprets license fee regulations (10 CFR Parts 170 and 171). Processes 10 CFR Part 170 license fee waiver and exemption requests.

Division of the Controller

Controller: Gordon Peterson
Deputy Controller: David D'Abate

Provides technical advice, assistance, and guidance to agency senior managers on the NRC's financial reporting, accounting, financial policy, financial systems, and financial operations. Defines requirements for, coordinates, and oversees an agency-wide internal control program to comply with the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) of 1982 and OMB Circular A-123. Develops and administers policies, standards and procedures for all NRC financial systems. Develops and maintains financial systems in support of the agency's financial reporting, license fee billing, payroll, time and labor reporting, travel operations, disbursements, collections, and other financial management functions. Prepares the agency's annual financial statements and other financial reports. Administers the NRC's licensee fee billing operations. Provides payroll, travel, payments and fiscal services for the NRC. Assumes supervisory authority and fiduciary responsibilities for financial plans and allowances issued to the Central Allowance, including the responsibility to ensure that allowance limitations are not exceeded. Maintains liaison with GAO, Treasury, OMB, and other agencies on financial management and financial systems matters.

Evaluates financial and programmatic information systems with respect to CFO needs. Develops and administers policies, standards, and procedures, for all financial management activities of the NRC.

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Financial Reporting and Analysis Branch

Chief: Anthony Rossi

Leads annual and interim financial reporting and accounting closeout activities; provides financial reporting information for the preparation of the Performance and Accountability Report (PAR); manages the agency's internal control over financial reporting; acts as the liaison with OIG and external auditors for the financial statements audit; interprets and implements government-wide accounting reporting requirements; acts as the liaison with GAO, OMB, Treasury, and other Federal counterparts for accounting and reporting related matters; coordinates the maintenance and updates to the NRC accounting policy manual.

Financial Systems Branch

Chief: Jeffrey Sheldon

Ensures that all NRC financial management systems comply with established Federal requirements. Serves as the OCFO's principal interface with NRC's Office of Information Services on such requirements. Arranges and manages the independent verification and validation of new financial systems software and/or modifications to existing systems. Leads the development or improvement of all of the agency's financial systems. Participates in the implementation of the CFO's long-term financial systems development strategy ar:id coordinates its implementation. Maintains operational and maintenance responsibility for NRC's core accounting system, time and labor system, travel system and budget formulation system, ensuring that they meet established requirements for Federal financial systems.

Accounts Receivable Branch

Chief: Carl Fredericks

Formulates standards and procedures for license fee/accounts receivable operational activities. Provides oversight and conducts all Agency accounts receivable operational activities. Implements license fee regulations. Administers NRC facilities, materials licensee, and annual fee billing operations. Issues Part 170 and Part 171 invoices and reports. Processes small-entity license fee certifications. Processes Part 171 license fee waiver and exemption requests. Implements license fee waivers and exemptions. Formulates policies, standards, and procedures for licensee and payroll debt collection activities and related fiscal services and reporting requirements. Interprets and implements debt collection regulations and associated cash management efforts. Develops, implements, and maintains NRC's debt collection strategy.

Payroll and Payments Branch

Chief: Erikka LeGrand

Administers the NRC centralized payroll and time and labor reporting policies and functions. Manages the NRC payroll service provider contract. Serves as liaison with the provider on all payroll related matters. Captures and maintains payroll performance measurement data. Defines requirements for and oversees implementation of NRC's Time and Labor System. Formulates procedures for the accounting and reporting of Time and Labor System activities. Provides customer services (including training) related to time and labor reporting and payroll transacting to all NRC employees. Formulates standards and procedures for accounts payable (A/P) operational activities. Acts as liaison with accounting service provider on all A/P operational issues and activities. Ensures all Treasury payment requests are properly certified for payment.

Travel and Financial Operations Branch

Chief: Lynn Crawford

Provides oversight and formulates policies, standards, and procedures for travel-related services and reporting requirements. Interprets and implements Federal travel requirements. Formulates policies, standards, and procedures for commitment and obligation activities related to the planning, fiscal services and reporting requirements related to the operations of the Central allowance. Manages the development of centralized travel policy, travel administration, travel support functions, travel funds certification and allocation (with the exception of OIG), the travel charge card program, the relocation program including the authorization of permanent change of station benefits and the Home Sale program, and the government travel card program.

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