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Office of Administration

Director: Cynthia Carpenter
Deputy Director:
Mark Lombard

Provides centralized services in the areas of acquisitions, facilities and security, property management, and administrative services including rulemaking and agency directives support, transportation, parking, translations, audiovisual, food services, mail distribution, labor services, furniture, supplies, NUREG publications, graphics, and printing.

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Program Management, Policy Development and Analysis Staff

Director: May Ma

Provides leadership and coordinates strategic and programmatic planning, resource forecasting and allocation, budgeting through the Planning, Budgeting, and Performance Management process and analysis of office performance through coordination of the Quarterly Performance Report. Manages and coordinates the execution of the office's budget and financial plan. Provides administrative and management support, including human resource management, information technology, systems analysis, and correspondence/action item control. Ensures compliance with office and agency standards and requirements. Ensures that appropriate quality standards are maintained for work initiated at the office level. Responsible for supporting and coordinating office human resource activities, knowledge management, Freedom of Information Act, office space, correspondence control, and internal controls. Represents the office in intra-agency and inter-agency special projects in areas of responsibility and completes special projects assigned by office level management. Develops policies, standards, procedures and training, administers and executes all phases of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Safety and Occupational Health Program.

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Acquisition Management Division

Director: James Corbett
Deputy Director: Eleni Jernell

Directs, coordinates, and performs contracting, interagency agreements (including Department of Energy Laboratory Agreements), simplified acquisition, grant, and financial assistance activities for NRC, including contractor/agency/grantee selection, negotiation, administration, and closeout.  Develops, implements, administers, and monitors Federal (e.g., Federal Acquisition Regulation, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Executive orders, etc.), interagency, and agency-wide procurement policies, guidelines, standards and procedures.  Provides advice and assistance to the NRC program officials relative to Federal procurement and agency regulations and methods of meeting program and mission objectives consistent with such requirements.  Provides oversight to ensure agency-wide compliance with appropriate procedures and regulations in monitoring contracts, grants and interagency agreements, including for regional procurement activities.  Oversees agency acquisition workforce training and certification, purchase card, and strategic sourcing programs.  Develops policy and procedures and oversees agency practices to assure compliance with OMB and other Federal statutes, directives, and guidelines.  Provides the automated tools, techniques, processes, and data needed for the ongoing support of the agency’s acquisition program, including reporting to support informed, timely management decision-making.

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Acquisition Policy and Systems Branch

Chief: Jill Daly

APSB develops, implements, administers, and monitors agency-wide procurement policies and procedures, acquisition workforce training and certification, and oversight and execution of the purchase card program.  Conducts acquisition file reviews and recommends corrective actions.  The branch ensures the functional operation and maintenance of the Strategic Acquisition System (STAQS) and its interfaces and ensures STAQS data transfers to other mandatory use systems, such as the Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation, the System for Award Management, and the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System.

Support and Planning Branch

Chief: (Vacant)

SPB works in partnership with contracting officers, contracting officer’s representatives (CORs), and program officials to support general acquisition activities and proactively plan for future procurement actions.  Facilitates division organizational effectiveness and knowledge management activities.  Operational responsibilities include monitoring and tracking of advanced procurement plans and expiring contracts, conducting closeout processing, overseeing records management processes, compiling responses to Freedom of Information Act requests, and ensuring effective contractor performance reporting.  Planning responsibilities include administering the commodity management program, using spending data to recommend agency-wide strategic sourcing strategies, and activities associated with the oversight and support of the agency’s portfolio councils.  Provides liaison services between program officials and division staff to coordinate and align acquisition strategy and Strategic Sourcing Group approval, as appropriate.

Operations Branch A

Chief: (Vacant)

OBA and OBB perform selection, negotiation, and administration of contracts, grants and interagency agreements in support of assigned agency offices, ensuring that goods and services contracted for are delivered as required, on time, and in accordance with agreed upon terms, conditions and cost.

Operations Branch B

Chief: Monique Williams

OBA and OBB perform selection, negotiation, and administration of contracts, grants and interagency agreements in support of assigned agency offices, ensuring that goods and services contracted for are delivered as required, on time, and in accordance with agreed upon terms, conditions and cost.

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Division of Administrative Services

Director: Joseph Widdup (Acting)
Deputy Director: Joseph Widdup

Provides advice and assistance regarding NRC regulations and procedures for filing petitions for rulemaking, reviews draft and final rules, policy statements, the Unified Agenda, and the Regulatory Agenda, prepares the Rulemaking Activity Plan, administers NRC's Management Directives (MD) System, provides technical editing and writing support, provides centralized employee services in the areas of supply management, parking, transit subsidies, translation of technical reports and event support. Directs and implements transportation activities for headquarters operations and provides guidance to regional offices regarding transportation policies and regulations. Manages and provides agencywide printing, publishing, reproduction, mail, and distribution services. Manages and provides multimedia communications services, including webstreaming, videoteleconferencing, videography, and photography.

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Rules, Announcements, and Directives Branch

Chief: Cindy Bladey

Develops, recommends, and administers policies and procedures for review and publication of all NRC regulations. Ensures that NRC regulations comply with the Regulatory Flexibility Act, the Congressional Review Act, the Presidential Memorandum dated June 1, 1998, "Plain Language in Government Writing," and publication requirements of the Federal Register Act at 1 CFR. Writes and assists the technical staff in writing NRC regulations and Federal Register Documents. Manages the NRC program for petitions for rulemaking (PRMs), including drafting notices of receipt and reviewing notices to grant or deny PRMs. Publishes the NRC Regulatory Agenda and the NRC Regulations Handbook and prepares the Rulemaking Activity Plan and the Unified Agenda. Administers the NRC Announcement Program providing employee information. Develops, recommends, and administers policies and procedures for the NRC Management Directive (MD) Program. Provides translation services for technical reports. Dockets comments on non-rulemaking Federal Register documents. Writes, edits, and publishes MDs. Ensures the readability, format consistency, and accessibility of MDs as an agencywide system. Works with staff members from all offices, agencywide, to write and issue MDs and develop and monitor milestone schedules for MDs being developed or revised.

Administrative and Multimedia Services Branch

Chief: Deborah Neff

Develops, recommends, and administers policies, standards, procedures, guidelines and contracts for a variety of administrative support services, to include transportation, parking, transit, subsidies, fleet mangement, special-event planning, offsite meeting facilities and NRC conference room and video teleconference room scheduling, safety apparel purchases and issuing dosimetry badges, food services, day care, contract secretarial support, general supply operations, mail management and security, and courier services. Also providess executive support services to the Commission.

Develops, recommends and administers policies, standards, procedures, guidelines and contracts for comprehensive centralized multimedia services including media streaming, audio and video production, video teleconferencing setup and operations.

Publications Branch

Chief: Kimberly Ferrell

Develops, recommends, and administers policies, procedures, and contracts for the agency's comprehensive centralized publishing program. This program includes technical editing, graphics, print procurement, in-house reproduction, NUREG publication, copiers, and agency-wide branding standards. Represents the NRC with the U.S. Government Printing Office. Publishes and disseminates agency information through CD and DVD creation, eBook creation, document distribution and mailing list maintenance, and maintenance of an electronic and paper inventory of NUREGs and other agency documents. In addition, develops, recommends and administers policies, standards, procedures, guidelines and contracts for agency's photographic services, digital signage, and other existing or emerging electronic communication.

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Division of Facilities and Security

Director: Timothy Pulliam
Deputy Director for Security: Sandra Schoenmann
Deputy Director for Facilities and Property Management: Bahman Rowhani

Establishes policy and plans and directs the agency's building management and facilities and personnel security programs. Provides overall direction and project management for operation and maintenance of NRC headquarters buildings, and provides direct support to regional offices on facility-related matters, as requested.  Coordinates and oversees the agency strategic space planning and property management programs. Plans, develops, and evaluates agency space planning, construction and consolidation policies and activities.  Provides senior level advice for agency emergency occupancy planning activities, including coordination of, and assisting in, implementation of facility occupant emergency plans and identification of strategies to protect personnel and facilities in response to changing threat levels or actual incidents. Coordinates NRC interaction with GSA, other Federal and State agencies and local governments concerning building management and security programs. Included are responsibilities for (1) physically protecting NRC facilities, (2) ensuring the safeguarding of classified and sensitive unclassified information at NRC and NRC contractor facilities, (3) managing the personnel security program, and (4) administering NRC's drug testing program.

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Facilities Management Branch

Chief: James Heck

Provides and coordinates support services for NRC headquarters buildings including building operations, maintenance and custodial services. Operates, manages, and administers NRC headquarters buildings under the terms established by the GSA delegation program.  Establishes and implements the agency’s policies, standards, and procedures for NRC-wide space planning, design, construction, renovation and utilization, including all headquarters facilities and direct support to regional offices.

Personnel Security Branch

Chief: Christoph Heilig

Administers the NRC security program for personnel security. Manages the personnel security program (including building access, information technology access, access to safeguards information, and security clearances). Administers NRC's drug testing program.

Facilities Security Branch

Chief: Denis Brady

Administers the NRC security program for physical security. Responsible for physically protecting NRC facilities, ensuring the safeguarding of classified and sensitive unclassified information at NRC and NRC contractor facilities, coordination with other law enforcement agencies on related matters, and implementing the reactor licensee criminal history program.

Property Management Branch

Chief: (Vacant)

Develops and administers the agency’s property management program, including records and inventory, and redistribution and disposal. Ensures compliance with Federal property management policies and regulations. Conducts periodic inventories of NRC property and property exceeding established purchase thresholds. Manages the NRC warehouse operations.

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