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Office of Small Business and Civil Rights

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Director: Pamela Baker

The Office of Small Business and Civil Rights supports the NRC mission in protecting people and the environment by enabling the agency to have a diverse and inclusive workforce, to advance equal employment opportunity for employees and applicants, to provide fair and impartial processing of discrimination complaints, to afford maximum practicable prime and subcontracting opportunities for small businesses, and to allow for meaningful and equal access to agency-conducted and financially-assisted programs and activities including partnerships with Minority Serving Institutions.

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Civil Rights and Diversity Directorate

Associate Director: Melody Fopma

Leads the agency's equal employment opportunity (EEO), civil rights, affirmative employment, and diversity management activities. Leads the agency informal and formal discrimination processes, EEO Counseling Program, Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, and the Comprehensive Diversity Management Plan. Provides advice and guidance to NRC diversity committees, and leads the planning and presentation of special emphasis observances to enhance the cultural awareness for all employees. Conducts EEO and diversity management program assessments and issues statistical reports to offices to determine overall EEO effectiveness. Responds to EEO data requests and reports from external and internal organizations.

Maintains and fosters relationships with all appropriate external organizations to ensure all appropriate statutory, regulatory and Government-wide requirements are executed properly in all phases.

Affirmative Employment and Diversity Management Program
Program Manager: Anthony Barnes

Oversees the agency's affirmative employment initiatives to facilitate equal opportunity for women, minorities, and persons with disabilities, the agency's Comprehensive Diversity Management Plan, which is designed to help maintain a work environment that values employee differences, with a primary goal of full utilization of all employees, as well as EEO Advisory Committees and Employee Resource Groups, whose collective goal is to identify issues that may impact equal employment opportunity for all employees, and make recommendations to address these issues.

Civil Rights Program
Program Manager: Joel Kravetz

Provides for the prompt, fair, and impartial processing of employment discrimination complaints filed under Federal statutes and regulations. The NRC's complaint process is administered in accordance with the regulations of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and is available to agency employees, former employees, and applicants for employment with the NRC, who believe that they have been subjected to discrimination. Responsible for counseling aggrieved employees, former employees, and applicants; investigating complaints; issuing final agency decisions on complaints; administering the agency's Alternative Dispute Resolution program; establishing policies; and assigning responsibility for complying with and enforcing equal employment opportunity laws that are applicable to Federal employment at the NRC.

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Small Business, Outreach, and Compliance Coordination Directorate

Associate Director: Bryan Champion (Acting)

Leads the agency's small business, outreach and compliance coordination programs. Conducts acquisition oversight to ensure compliance with small business-related Federal statutes, regulations, Executive Orders, and policy. When regulatory requirements are met, recommends small business set-asides or other incentivized strategic measures to provide the maximum practicable prime and subcontract opportunities for small businesses; provides training, technical assistance and counseling to the business community and agency acquisition officials; and engages in economic and business development outreach events in support of the Congress, other Federal agencies, State and local government, and the business community to explore marketplace capabilities.

Provides oversight, outreach, technical assistance, coordination, training, and enforcement to assure NRC conducted and Federal financially assisted programs and activities comply with fair practices and Equal Opportunity requirements imposed under applicable Federal Civil Rights regulations and mandates. Administers NRC's Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) Program to assist and support MSIs in their efforts achieve academic excellence and produce a diverse STEM workforce.

In addition, the office's overall lead in providing direction and coordination of strategic planning, financial, and administrative support functions.

Outreach and Compliance Coordination Program
Program Manager: Tuwanda Smith

Leads the agency's efforts to ensure fair and equitable treatment in NRC conducted and Federal financially assisted programs and activities. Provides oversight, outreach, compliance coordination; technical assistance; civil rights training; educational information and materials; monitors program activities; conducts compliance reviews; processes and investigate complaints; takes enforcement actions in response to violations; and submits reports on the agency's oversight efforts and compliance status to the applicable White House offices, Federal oversight of agencies, and NRC officials.

Small Business Program
Program Manager: Anthony Briggs
Supports and advocates for the Federal portfolio of small business programs. Formulates policies as well as designs and implements an operational program to ensure that small business interests are recognized and protected and that small businesses have maximum practicable prime and subcontract acquisition opportunities supporting the agency's mission. Conducts acquisition oversight and when regulatory requirements are met, recommends small business set-asides; provides technical assistance and counsel to the business community and agency officials; and engages in business-related outreach events in support of the Congress, other Federal agencies, State and local government, and the business community.

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