Information Notices – 2018

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Document Number Title Revision Publish Date Reviewed Date
IN-18-11 Kobe Steel Quality Assurance Record Falsification S1 12/01/2020 --
-- 09/24/2018 --
IN-18-10 Thermal Sleeve Flange Wear Leads to Stuck Control Rod at Foreign Nuclear Plant -- 08/29/2018 --
IN-18-09 Electrical Arc Flash Caused by Foreign Material Damages Fire Door -- 08/10/2018 --
IN-18-08 Failure to Enter the Required Technical Specifications Action Statement for Operation During Recent Surveillance Testing While Using a Reactor Protection System Test Box -- 06/13/2018 --
IN-18-07 Pump/Turbine Bearing Oil Sight Glass Problems -- 06/13/2018 --
IN-18-06 Determination of Management Measures for Process Isolation Controls Designated as Items Relied on for Safety and Implementation of Adequate Quality Assurance Measures for Plant Features and Procedures -- 04/10/2018 --
IN-18-05 Long-Term Fissile Material Accumulation Due to Unanalyzed or Improperly Analyzed Conditions at Fuel Cycle Facilities -- 03/26/2018 --
IN-18-04 Operating Experience Regarding Failure of Operators to Trip the Plant When Experiencing Unstable Conditions -- 02/26/2018 --
IN-18-03 Operating Experience Regarding Failure to Meet Technical Specifications Requirements for Changing Plant Conditions -- 02/26/2018 --
IN-18-02 Testing and Operations-Induced Degradation of 3-Stage Target Rock Safety Relief Valves -- 02/26/2018 --
IN-18-01 Noble Fission Gas Releases During Spent Fuel Cask Loading Operations -- 02/21/2018 --

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