Information Notices - 2014

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Document Number Title Revision Publish Date Reviewed Date
IN-14-15 Inadequate Controls of Respiratory Protection Accessibility, Training, and Maintenance -- 12/01/2014 --
IN-14-14 Potential Safety Enhancements to Spent Fuel Pool Storage -- 11/14/2014 --
IN-14-13   -- Not Issued --
IN-14-12 Crane and Heavy Lift Issues Identified during NRC Inspections -- 11/14/2014 --
IN-14-11 Recent Issues Related to the Qualification of Safety-Related Components -- 09/19/2014 --
IN-14-10 Potential Circuit Failure-Induced Secondary Fires or Equipment Damage -- 09/16/2014 --
IN-14-09 Spent Fuel Storage or Transportation System Misloading -- 06/20/2014 --
IN-14-08 Need for Continuous Monitoring Of Active Systems in Loaded Spent Fuel Storage Canisters (Including Vacuum Drying Process) -- 05/16/2014 --
IN-14-07 Degradation of Leak Chase Channel Systems for Floor Welds of Metal Containment Shell and Concrete Containment Metallic Liner -- 05/05/2014 --
IN-14-06 Damage Of Industrial Radiographic Equipment Due To Falling Equipment and Improper Mounting -- 04/28/2014 --
IN-14-05 Verifying Appropriate Dosimetry Evaluation -- 05/12/2014 --
IN-14-04 Potential for Teflon® Material Degradation in Containment Penetrations, Mechanical Seals and Other Components -- 03/26/2014 --
IN-14-03 Turbine-Driven Auxiliary Feedwater Pump Overspeed Trip Mechanism Issues -- 02/25/2014 --
IN-14-02 Failure To Properly Pressure Test Reactor Vessel Flange Leak-Off Lines -- 02/25/2014 --
IN-14-01 Fuel Safety Limit Calculation Inputs Were Inconsistent with NRC-Approved Correlation Limit Values -- 02/21/2014 --

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