Information Notices - 2015

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Document Number Title Revision Publish Date Reviewed Date
IN-15-13 Main Steam Isolation Valve Failure Events -- 12/10/2015 --
IN-15-12 Unaccounted for Error Terms Associated with the Irradiation Testing and Environmental Qualification of Important-to-Safety Components -- 11/20/2015 --
IN-15-11     Not Issued  
IN-15-10     Not Issued  
IN-15-09 Mechanical Dynamic Restraint (Snubber) Lubricant Degradation Not Identified Due To Insufficient Service Life Monitoring -- 09/24/2015 --
IN-15-08 Criticality and Chemical Safety Events Involving Unanalyzed Conditions and Unanticipated Unavailability of IROFS at Fuel Cycle Facilities -- 09/02/2015 --
IN-15-07 Temporary Suspension of E-Qip System to Affect Pending Background Investigations -- 07/15/2015 --
IN-15-06 ISOO Notice 2015-02: Message from OPM to Security Clearance Holders -- 06/18/2015 --
IN-15-05 Inoperability of Auxiliary and Emergency Feedwater Auto-Start Circuits on Loss of Main Feedwater Pumps -- 05/12/2015 --
IN-15-04 Fatigue in Branch Connection Welds -- 04/24/2015 --
IN-15-03 Improper Operation of Spent Fuel Transfer Cask Neutron Shield Equipment Leading to Elevated Radiation Levels Adjacent to Spent Fuel Transfer Cask -- 02/09/2015 --
IN-15-02 Antifreeze Agents in Fire Water Sprinkler Systems -- 02/04/2015 --
IN-15-01 Degraded Ability to Mitigate Flooding Events -- 01/09/2015 --