Part 21 Reports - 2005

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Log No Notifier Description Report Date Access No
2005-01-00 Vogtle Butterfly Valve Torque Predictions Under Compressible Flow Conditions 11/22/2004 ml043520077
2005-02-00 Framatome Control Rod Drive Mechanism Leadscrew Coupling 11/23/2004 ml043350183
2005-03-00 Whiting Overstress Condition on Single Failure Proof Crane Trolleys 01/07/2005 Event Notification 41318
2005-04-00 Framatome ANP Turbine Generator Load Rejection with Failure of the Turbine Bypass Valves to Open 01/14/05 Event Notification 41335
2005-05-00 Westinghouse Electric Co Charging Pump Runout During Safety Injection 1/27/2005 ml050340027
2005-05-01 Westinghouse Electric Company Closure of Westinghouse Interim Report No. 04-006 04/12/2005 ml051100355
2005-06-00 Framatome ANP Defective SIS Control Wire 2/10/2005 Event Notification 41396
2005-07-00 Dominion Abnormal Allen-Bradley 700RTC Relay Contact Response 2/10/2005 Event Notification 41397
2005-08-00 Field Complaint About Degussa Construction Chemicals Masterpatch 240 CR Repair Concrete 2/11/2005 ml050460194
2005-09-00 ASCO Valve, Inc Potential non-conformance of diaphragm disc used in certain ASCO scram pilot valves and rebuild kits 02/16/2005 ml050560237
2005-10-00 Honeywell International, Inc Report regarding Potential deviation and defect of a Descote brand valve used in UF6 14 Ton Cylinders, Metropolis Works, Metropolis, Illinois (Uranium Conversion Facility) 02/23/2005 ml050560142
2005-11-00 Framatome ANP MCPR Operating and Monitoring Limits 03/02/2005 Event Notification 41455
2005-12-00 Southern Nuclear Operating Company Cutler-Hammer Freedom Series Model C306 Thermal Overload Relays and Heater Packs 03/02/2005 ml050630275
2005-12-01 Southern Nuclear Operating Company Cutler-Hammer Freedom Series Model C306 Thermal Overload Relays and Heater Packs 07/26/2005 ml052080368
2005-13-00 General Electric Nuclear Energy Potential to Exceed Low Pressure Technical Specification Safety Limit 03/29/2005 ml050950428
2005-15-00 Thermo Electron Corporation Thermo Electron Data Acquisition Recorders 04/14/2005 Event Notification 41599
2005-16-00 Spectrum Technologies Utilities Services USA, Inc. Cutler-Hammer A200 NEMA Size 1 Starters 04/18/2005 ml051100285
2005-17-00 Engine Systems, Inc Reporting of Defects and Non-Compliance: Woodward Governor "Compensating" EG Series Actuators 04/12/2005 ml051110087
2005-18-00 Lankenau Hospital Nucletron V2 microselectron High Dose-Rate Afterloading device 04/08/2005 ml051090399
2005-19-00 Boeing Error notices received from former software suppliers 04/18/2005 ml051180466
2005-20-00 Entergy Operations, Inc Flex-Wedge Disc Fabricated By Crane- Aloyco 05/17/2005 Event Notification 41702
2005-21-00 Bryn Mawr Hospital Incident involving the performance of Novoste intravascular brachytherapy Beta-Cat 05/19/2005 ml051440474
2005-22-00 Ametek Solid State Controls Potential for Premature Failure of Control Rod Instrumentation Power Supply 06/10/2005 Event Notification 41761
2005-23-00 Palo Verde Potential Degraded Condition Due to Pressurizer Heater Element Non-conformance 06/17/2005 Event Notification 41783
2005-23-01 Palo Verde Potential Degraded Condition Due to Pressurizer Heater Element Non-conformance (Retracted) 08/01/2005 Event Notification 41783
2005-24-00 General Electric Energy Critical Power Determination for GE14 and GE12 Fuel with Zircaloy Spacers 06/24/2005 Event Notification 41794
2005-24-01 General Electric Energy Completion: Critical Power Determination for GE14 and GE12 Fuel With Zircaloy Spacers 09/20/2005 ml052690084
2005-25-00 HowdenBuffalo Insufficient adhesion of Carboline topcoat to Carboline primer - Topcoat flaking from fansSampler Model H-809VI 07/01/2005 ml051940302
Event Notification 41819
2005-26-00 General Electric Co Circuit Breaker Replacement Primary Bushings Not Tested to ANSI Standards 07/14/2005 ml052000333
2005-26-01 General Electric Co Testing to ANSI Standards Complete on Circuit Breaker Replacement Primary 10/13/2005 ml052910389
2005-27-00 General Electric Co Surveillance Program for Channel-Control Blade Interference 07/14/2005 ml052000328
2005-28-00 AREVA Pressurizer Heaters From Framatome 07/22/2005 Event Notification 41864
2005-29-00 Honeywell International, Inc Notification of Non-compliance with ANSI and QA Manual Requirements 07/20/2005 Event Notification 41857
2005-30-00 Catawba Potential Issue with Struthers-Dunn Relays 08/02/2005 Event Notification 41888
2005-30-01 Duke Energy Struthers-Dunn 219 Series relays manufactured in China 09/14/2005 ml052640220
2005-31-00 Areva Interim Report Concerning an Evaluation of a Deviation 08/08/2005 ml052220273
2005-32-00 Rapid City Regional Hospital, Inc. Failure of MicroSelectron V2 High Dose Rate Afterloader 07/20/2005 ml052150029
2005-33-00 Boeing Co Error Notices Received From Former Software Suppliers 07/19/2005 ml052140039
2005-33-01 Boeing Co Error Notices Received From Former Software Suppliers 09/30/2005 ml052860229
2005-34-00 Lancaster General Hospital Gamma Knife Microphone Clip 08/22/2005 Event Notification 41937
2005-35-00 Engine Systems, Inc Governor Drive Coupling Element 09/16/2005 ml052650354
2005-36-00 Fluke Biomedical RMS Fluke Radiaition Meter 09/22/2005 Event Notification 42008
2005-37-00 Wyle Laboratories Existence of a possible defect in Bussmann KWN-R fuses 09/27/2005 Event Notification 42021
2005-38-00 Callaway Models 763 & 763a Pressure Transmitters and Model 764 Differential Pressure Transmitters 11/17/2005 Event Notification 42151
2005-38-01 AmerenUE Correction to Part 21 Notification Regarding PRIME Measurement Products Pressure Transmitters 05/08/2006 ml061360250
2005-39-00 Nuclear Logistics Inc Potentially Defective Micrologic Trip Units 11/24/2005 Event Notification 42168
2005-40-00 Framatome ANP Safety Limit Minimum Critical Power Ratio Calculation 12/02/2005 Event Notification 42185
2005-41-00 Rosemount Nuclear Instruments Rosemount Transmitters May not Conform to the Published Accuracy 12/27/2005 Event Notification 42233
2005-42-00 San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Missing Taper Pins 04/12/2005 ml051050353

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