Research Information Letters – 2023

Document Number Title Publish Date
RIL 2023-11 Proceedings of the High Energy Arc Faulting (HEAF) Workshop 11/03/2023
RIL 2023-10 Report on High Energy Arch Fault Experiments, Photometrics Report for Medium Voltage Bus Duct and Switchgear Enclosures 11/03/2023
RIL 2023-09 An Assessment of the Harmonics Effects on Undervoltage Relays in Nuclear Power Plants 02/01/2024
RIL 2023-08 Seismic Source Characterization in the Central and Eastern United States 12/15/2023
RIL 2023-07 Report on High Energy Arcing Fault Experiments – Experimental Results from Medium-Voltage Bus Duct and Switchgear Enclosures 09/29/2023
RIL 2023-06, ANL-18/08 Steam Generator Inspection Reliability Assessments on Primary Side Cracking in U-Bends 10/17/2023
RIL 2023-06 Literature Review: Safety Review Process for Space Nuclear System Launches 09/29/2023
RIL 2023-05 Proceedings the Eighth Annual Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Probabilistic Flood Hazard Assessment Research Workshop 10/19/2023
RIL 2023-04 Paleoliquefaction Studies of the Central Virginia Seismic Zone 04/12/2023
RIL 2023-03 Magnitude Conversion and Earthquake Recurrence Rate Models for the Central and Eastern United States 04/03/2023
RIL 2023-01 Predicting High Energy Arcing Fault Zones of Influence for Aluminum Using an Arc Flash Modeling Approach 02/10/2023

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