Research Information Letters – 1978

Document Number Title Publish Date
RIL-42 Critical Experiment Program for Neutronics Code Verification 12/20/1978
RIL-41 Laboratory Testing Procedures to Determine The Cyclic Strength of Soils 12/19/1978
RIL-40 The Computer Code BRENDA (Breeder Reactor Nuclear Dynamic Analysis) A Computer Program for the Dynamic Simulation of a Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor Plant 12/18/1978
RIL-39 RELAP-4/MOD 6 11/27/1978
RIL-38 Results of the Initial Series of ACPR Experiments on Prompt- Burst Energetics with Fresh Oxide Fuel 10/13/1978
RIL-37 LOFT Reactor Safety Program Research Results Through October 1, 1978 09/29/1978
RIL-36 Evaluation of General Atomic Codes: Oxide-3, SORS, TAP, and RECA 09/27/1978
RIL-35 SFACTOR: A Computer Code for Calculating Dose Equivalent to a Target Organ Per Microcurie – Day Residence of a Radionuclide in a Source Organ 09/15/1978
RIL-34 Nuclear Decay Data for Radionuclides Occurring in Routing Releases from Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities 08/03/1978
RIL-33 Plutonium Accident Container Program – Research, Design and Development 08/03/1978
RIL-32 Improvements in the Aerosol Behavior Code for Radiological Assessments of LMFBRS 08/03/1978
RIL-31 Assay of Standard Reference Material (SRM) 950b 06/10/1978
RIL-30 Barrier Penetration Data Base; of Study, Assistance-Physical Protection Assessments 06/28/1978
RIL-29 Fuel Rod Analysis Computer Code: FRAP T-3 06/07/1978
RIL-28 MELT/Concrete Interactions 05/09/1978
RIL-27 BEACON/MOD 2 06/02/1978
RIL-26 The Impact of Offshore Nuclear Generating Stations on Recreational Behavior at Adjacent Coastal Sites 04/26/1978
RIL-25 FRAP-S3 03/21/1978
RIL-24 FESEM Adversary Sequence Evaluation Model 04/10/1978
RIL-23 EASI Adversary Sequence Evaluation Model (Computer Graphics Version) 04/10/1978
RIL-22 MCCS Model for MC&A Evaluation 09/05/1978
RIL-21 Critical Review of Sodium Hydroxide Aerosol Toxicity 03/24/1978
RIL–20 A Study of Physical Protection Equipment 01/24/1978
RIL–19 Go Methodology Assessment 01/31/1978
RIL–17 Power Burst Facility (PBF) single Rod Power-Cooling Mismatch (PCM) Test Results 05/05/1978

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