Research Information Letters – 2000

Document Number Title Publish Date
RIL–005 Use of Results from Phebus-FP Test to Validate Severe Accident Codes and the NRC's Revised Accident source Term (NUREG-1465) 09/29/2000
RIL–004 Completion of Research to Address Direct Containment Heating Issue for All Pressurized Water Reactors 08/21/2000
RIL–0003                       Transmittal of Research Information Letter RIL–0003 and NUREG/CR-6677, "Evaluation of Risks Associated with IGSCC Induced Failure of BWR Reactor Internal Components" 12/08/2000
RIL–0001 Probabilistic Storm Surge Elevations for the Atlantic and Gulf Coast 11/16/2000

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