Research Information Letters – 1988

Document Number Title Publish Date
RIL–159 Nuclear Plant Aging Research: Safety-Related Inverters 11/09/1988
RIL–158 Operational Safety Reliability Program 10/31/1988
RIL–157 Report on the Results of the Core I Test Series at the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute Slab Core Test Facility 09/12/1988
RIL–156 An Investigation of Core Liquid Level Depression in Small Break Loss-of-Coolant Accidents 09/01/1988
RIL–155 FULL Scale Fluid Mixing Test Results in Support of Pressurized Thermal Shock Resolution 08/24/1988
RIL–154 Water-Steam Countercurrent Flow Limit in a Full Scale Hot Leg 08/01/1988
RIL–153 A Methodology to Assess Safety During the Preclosure Period of High-Level Waste Repository 04/27/1988
RIL–152 Results of Research on Dating Ground Water for High Level Waste Repository Site Characterization 04/20/1988
RIL–151 Results of Meers Fault Investigations 03/04/1988

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