Research Information Letters – 1981

Document Number Title Publish Date
RIL-128 PWR Lower Plenum Refill Research Results 12/08/1981
RIL-127 Heat Transfer and Hydraulics During a BWR Large-Break LOCA 12/04/1981
RIL-126 BWR Small-Break Tests 12/04/1981
RIL-125 TRAC-PD2 "An Advanced Best- Estimate Computer Program for PWR LOCA Analysis 09/11/1981
RIL–124 Control Room Alarms and Annunciators 10/20/1981
RIL–123 Performance of Electrical Terminal Blocks Exposed to a LOCA or Steam Environment 07/02/1981
RIL–122 Impedance Testing at the Kuosheng Nuclear Power Station 06/24/1981
RIL–121 CORCON–MOD1 an Improved Computer Model for the Interaction Behavior of Molten Core Materials with Concrete 05/27/1981
RIL–120 Applications of the COMMIX 3-Dimensional Thermal Hydraulic Computer Codes 04/13/1981
RIL–119 Development of Best-Estimate Component Code-K-Fix (3D, FLX) 04/14/1981
RIL–118 Variation of the Resonance Component of the Doppler Coefficient with Depletion 04/14/1981
RIL - 117 Probability of Large LOCA Induced by Earthquakes 04/10/1981
RIL–116 Mathematical Phantoms Representing Children of Various Ages for Use in Estimates of Internal Dose 03/02/1981
RIL–115 Independent Assessment of TRAC–PIA Computer Code 02/25/1981
RIL–114 Piping Benchmark Problems 02/18/1981
RIL–113 Reliability of Inservie Inspection for Primary Piping Systems 01/29/1981
RIL–112 Health Status and Body Radioactivity of Form Thorium Workers 01/29/1981
RIL–111 Acute Effects of Inhalation Exposure to Uranium Hexafluoride and Patterns of Deposition 01/26/1981
RIL–110 Relative Hazard of Radioiodine as a Function of Quality and Age at Exposure 01/16/1981
RIL–109 WRAP–BWR–EM (Water Reactor Analysis Package-Boiling Water Reactor – Evaluation Model) 01/06/1981
RIL–108 WRAP–PWR–EM (Water Reactor Analysis Package-Pressurized Water Reactor – Evaluation Model) 01/06/1981

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