Research Information Letters – 2024

Document Number Title Publish Date
RIL 2024-04 Research Information Letter (RIL) 2024-04, “Human Reliability Analysis for Calculating Effects of Performance Influencing Factors: A Review of Historical Approaches.” 04/29/2024
RIL 2024-03 Research Information Letter 2024-03,  “Integrated Human Event Analysis System (IDHEAS) – Time and Time Uncertainty.” 04/18/2024
RIL 2024-02 Proceedings of the Workshop on Condition Monitoring and Structural Health Management for Nuclear Power Plants 03/05/2024
RIL 2024-01 Proceedings of the Workshop on the Integration of Safety, Security, and Safeguards for Advanced Reactor and Fuel Fabrication Facility Design and Operations 03/05/2024

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