Research Information Letters – 2022

Document Number Title Publish Date
RIL 2022-11 Volume 1 - Human Performance Test Facility 01/20/2023
Volume 2 - Comparing Operator Workload and Performance Between Digitized and Analog Simulated Environments 01/20/2023
Volume 3 - Supplemental Exploratory Analysis  01/20/2023
RIL 2022-10 Proceedings of 7th Annual Probabilistic Flood Hazard Assessment Research Workshop, February 15-18, 2022 09/14/2022
RIL 2022-09 Determining the Zone of Influence for High Energy Arcing Faults Using Fire Dynamics Simulator 11/18/2022
RIL 2023-08 Human Reliability Analysis of See-and-Flee Actions Using the Integrated Human Event Analysis System for Events and Condition Assessment (IDHEAS-ECA) Method 12/03/2023
RIL 2022-07 Assessment of San Onofre Concrete Susceptibility against Irradiation Damage 05/04/2022
RIL 2022-06 Aging of Post-tensioned Concrete Containment Vessels (PCCV) with Emphasis on Concrete Creep and Creep Rupture 03/22/2022
RIL 2022-05 NRC Technical Assessment of Zorita Materials Testing Results 05/13/2022
RIL 2022-04 Technical Basis for Extending Flood Frequency Curves Beyond Current Consensus Limits 02/09/2022
RIL 2022-03 A Simulation-Based Dynamic Analysis Approach For Modeling Plant Response To Flooding 02/23/2022
RIL 2022-02 Proceedings of 6th Annual Probabilistic Flood Hazard Assessment Research Workshop 08/03/2022
RIL 2022-01 Target Fragilities for Equipment Vulnerable to High Energy Arcing Faults 05/13/2022

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