Research Information Letters – 1977

Document Number Title Publish Date
RIL-18 The FRANTIC Computer Code 11/09/1977
RIL-16 Warm Prestressing 12/01/1977
RIL–15 Characterization BWR Feedwater Nozzle Corner Cracks 12/01/1977
RIL–14 Physical Separation Criteria for Electrical Cable Trays (Horizontal Open Space Configuration) 11/09/1977
RIL–13 Residual Stresses in Welds 11/11/1977
RIL-12 Modifications to Pressure Vessel Failure Probability Prediction 06/16/1977
RIL-11 IEEE Nuclear Reliability Data Manual 09/15/1977
RIL-10 Pressure Vessel Failure Probability Prediction 02/25/1977
RIL-9 High Temperature Oxidation of Zircaloy Fuel Cladding in Stream 03/14/1977
RIL-8 Transmittal of Supplement to Research Information Letter-8: Decay Heat Data Applicable to LOCA Evaluation 05/16/1977

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