Research Information Letters – 1980

Document Number Title Publish Date
RIL–107 RELAP/MOD7 Computer Program 12/16/1980
RIL–106 Racho Seco Building Wake Effects on Atmospheric Dispersion 11/28/1980
RIL–105 Geophysical Correlations and Modeling of a Selected Area Across the Clinton-Newbury/Bloody Bluff Fault Zones in Northeastern Massachusetts 09/19/1980
RIL–104 The Bioaccumulation Factor for Phophorus-32 in Edible Fish Tissue 09/08/1980
RIL–103 Best Estimate-Evaluation Method (BE-EM) Applied Calculation of Three Dimensional Seismic Response 09/13/1980
RIL–102 Structural Building Response Revise: Phase I of Project IV of the Seismic Safety Margins Research Program 09/12/1980
RIL–101 Peripheral Shearing Strength of Reinforced Concrete Structural Elements with Biaxial Reinforcing Subjected to Tension 09/01/1980
RIL–100 The Visual Aesthetic Impact of Alternative Closed Cycle Cooling Systems 08/25/1980
RIL–99 Dose-Rate Conversion Factors for External Exposure to Photon and Electron Radiation 08/01/1980
RIL–98 Light Water Reactor Status Monitoring During Accident Conditions 08/18/1980
RIL–97 An Econometric Study of Electricity Demand by Manufacturing Industries 08/18/1980
RIL–96 Adequacy of Currently Utilized Radiation Test Sources to Simulate the Loss-of-Coolant Design Basis Accident 08/08/1980
RIL–95 Positron Annihilation for Non-Destructive Examination 08/05/1980
RIL–94 Transfer of Documentation for the Fixed-Site Neutralization Model 08/05/1980
RIL–93 ISEM Adversary Sequence Evaluation Model 08/05/1980
RIL–91 ACPR Experiments on Prompt-Burst Energetics with Fresh Uranium Carbide Fuel 06/02/1980
RIL-90 RELAP-4/MOD 6 Assessment 05/22/1980
RIL-89 Structural and Mechanical Component Test Techniques 05/11/1980
RIL-88 Design Criteria for Closely-Spaced Nozzles in Pressure Vessels 04/25/1980
RIL-87 Econometric Model for the Disaggregation of State-Level Electricity Demand Forecasts to the Service Area 04/04/1980
RIL-86 A Gas Scintillation Proportional Counter for Measuring Plutonium in Humans and the Environment 04/04/1980
RIL-85 An Integrated Geophysical and Geological Study of the Tectonic Framework of the 38th Parallel Lineament in the Vicinity of Its Intersection with the Extension of the New Madrid Fault Zone – Annual Progress Report Fiscal Year 1979 – Purdue University 03/24/1980
RIL-84 Study of Liquefacation Resulting from Earthquake of February 4, 1976, Near Lake Amatitlan, Guatemala 03/24/1980
RIL-83 Steam Generator Tube Integrity 03/24/1980
RIL-82 Three Mile Island Telephone Survey: Preliminary Report on Procedures and Findings and the Social and Economical Effects of the Accident at Three Mile Island: Findings to Date 02/29/1980
RIL-81 Irradiated-Fuel Disruption Under LOF Accident Conditions: Results of ACPR Test Series FD-1 and the FISGAS Code 02/28/1980
RIL–80 Determining Effectiveness of ALARA Design and Operational Features 01/15/1980

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