Generic Letters - 1998

Document Number Title Revision Publish Date Reviewed Date
GL-98-05 Boiling Water Reactor Licensees Use of the BWRVIP-05 Report to Request Relief from Augmented Examination Requirements on Reactor Pressure Vessel Circumferential Shell Welds -- 11/10/1998 --
GL-98-04 Potential for Degradation of the Emergency Core Cooling System and the Containment Spray System After a Loss-of-Coolant Accident Because of Construction and Protective Coating Deficiencies and Foreign Material in Containment -- 07/14/1998 --
GL-98-03 NMSS Licensees' and Certificate Holders' Year 2000 Readiness Programs -- 06/22/1998 --
GL-98-02 Loss of Reactor Coolant Inventory and Associated Potential for Loss of Emergency Mitigation Functions While in a Shutdown Condition -- 05/28/1998 --
GL-98-01 Year 2000 Readiness of Computer Systems at Nuclear Power Plants S1 01/14/1999 --
-- 05/11/1998 --

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