Bulletins: 1974 Index

Document NumberTitleRevisionPublish DateRevision Date
BL-74-16Improper Machining of Pistons in Colt Industries (Fairbanks-Morse) Diesel-Generators--12/13/1974--
BL-74-15Misapplication of Cutler-Hammer Three Position Maintained Switch Model No. 10250T--12/06/1974--
BL-74-14BWR Relief Valve Discharge to Suppression Pool--11/13/1974--
BL-74-13Improper Factory Wiring on General Electric Motor Control Centers at Fort Calhoun--10/25/1974--
BL-74-12Incorrect Coils in Westinghouse Type SG Relays at Trojan--10/21/1974--
BL-74-11Improper Wiring of Safety Injection Logic at Zion 1 & 2--10/16/1974--
BL-74-10Failures in 4-Inch Bypass Piping at Dresden 2201/24/1975--
BL-74-09Deficiency in General Electric Model 4KV Magne-Blast Breakers--08/06/1974--
BL-74-08Deficiency in the ITE Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Type HE-3--07/23/1974--
BL-74-07Personnel Overexposure – Irradiation Facility--06/26/1974--
BL-74-06Defective Westinghouse Type W-2 Control Switch Component--05/22/1974--
BL-74-05Shipment of an Improperly Shielded Source--04/12/1974--
BL-74-04Malfunction of Target Rock Safety Relief ValvesS105/01/1974 
BL-74-03Failure of Structural or Seismic Support Bolts on Class I ComponentsS104/29/1974 
BL-74-02aPWR Main Steam Line Isolation Valves--02/22/1974--
BL-74-002Truck Strike Possibility--01/22/1974--
BL-74-001aAbnormal Occurrences in Piping Systems--01/10/1974--
BL-74-001Valve Deficiencies--01/03/1974--

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