Bulletins: 1975 Index

Document NumberTitleRevisionPublish DateRevision Date
BL-75-08PWR Pressure Instrumentation--12/11/1975--
BL-75-07No Title – Involves Exothermic Reaction in Radwaste Shipment--11/26/1975--
BL-75-06Defective Westinghouse Type OT-2 Control Switches--05/30/1975--
BL-75-05Operability of Category I Hydraulic Shock and Sway Suppressors--04/14/1975--
BL-75-04Cable Fire at Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Station211/03/1975--
BL-75-03Incorrect Lower Disc Spring and Clearance Dimension in Series 8300 and 8302 ASCO Solenoid Valves--03/14/1975--
BL-75-02Defective Radionics Radiographic Exposure Devices and Source Changers--02/14/1975--
BL-75-01Through-Wall Cracks in Core Spray Piping at Dresden-2202/07/1975--

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