Bulletins: 1973 Index

Document NumberTitleRevisionPublish DateRevision Date
BL-73-06Inadvertent Criticality in a Boiling Water Reactor--11/27/1973--
BL-73-05Manufacturing Defects in Boiling Water Reactor Control Rods--10/05/1973--
BL-73-04Defective Bergen-Patterson Hydraulic Shock Absorbers--08/17/1973--
BL-73-03Defective Hydraulic Shock Suppressors and Restraints--07/27/1973--
BL-73-02Malfunction of Containment Purge Supply Valve Switch--07/13/1973--
BL-73-01Faulty Overcurrent Trip Delay Device in Circuit Breakers for Engineered Safety Systems--02/23/1973--

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