Bulletins: 1978 Index

Document NumberTitleRevisionPublish DateRevision Date
BL-78-14Deterioration of Buna-N Components in ASCO Solenoids--12/19/1978--
BL-78-13Failures in Source Heads of Kay-Ray, Inc., Gauges Models 7050, 7050B, 7051, 7051B, 7060, 7060B, 7061 and 7061B--10/27/1978--
BL-78-12Atypical Weld Material in Reactor Pressure Vessel Welds203/19/1979--
BL-78-11Examination of Mark I Containment Torus Welds--07/21/1978--
BL-78-10Bergen-Paterson Hydraulic Shock Suppressor Accumulator Spring Coils--06/27/1978--
BL-78-09BWR Drywell Leakage Paths Associated with Inadequate Drywell Closures--06/14/1978--
BL-78-08Radiation Levels from Fuel Element Transfer Tubes--06/12/1978--
BL-78-07Protection Afforded by Air-Line Respirators and Supplied-Air Hoods--06/12/1978--
BL-78-06Defective Cutler-Hammer Type M Relays with DC Coils--05/31/1978--
BL-78-05Malfunctioning of Circuit Breaker Auxiliary Contact Mechanism – General Electric Model CR105X--04/14/1978--
BL-78-04Environmental Qualification of Certain Stem Mounted Limit Switches Inside Reactor Containment--02/21/1978--
BL-78-03Potential Explosive Gas Mixture Accumulations Associated with BWR Offgas System Operations--02/08/1978--
BL-78-02Terminal Block Qualification--01/30/1978--
BL-78-01Flammable Contact – Arm Retainers in G.E. CR120A Relays--01/16/1978--

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