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Fact Sheets & Brochures

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Fact Sheets and Backgrounders
Nuclear Security and Emergency Preparedness
Incident Response
Cyber Security
Dirty Bombs
Emergency Planning and Preparedness
       Nuclear Fuel Facilities
       Nuclear Power Plants
Force-on-Force Security Exercises
Nuclear Security
Protection and Security of Radiation Sources
Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Nuclear Materials and Waste
Blending of Low-Level Radioactive Waste
Byproduct Materials
Commercial Irradiators
Dry Cask Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel
High Burnup Spent Fuel
Irradiated Gemstones
License for Depleted Uranium at U.S. Army Sites
Medical Event Risks
Medical Use of Radioactive Materials
Mixed Oxide Fuel
Radioactive Waste
Smoke Detectors
Tritium EXIT Signs
Updating Disposal Rules for Low-Level Waste
Uranium Enrichment
Uranium Mill Tailings
Uranium Recovery
Yucca Mountain Licensing
Nuclear Reactors
Chernobyl Accident
Environmental Monitoring
Emergency Preparedness
Fire Protection
Improvements Resulting From Davis-Besse Incident
License Renewal
License Transfers
Licensing Process
New Nuclear Plant Designs
Nuclear Insurance and Disaster Relief (Price-Anderson Act)
Operator Licensing
Oversight of Nuclear Power Plants
Plant Performance after TMI Accident
Power Uprates
Reactor Pressure Vessel Issues
Reactor Risk
Research and Test Reactors
Resident Inspectors Program
Seismic Issues for Nuclear Power Plants
Steam Generator Tube Issues
NRC Response to Lessons Learned from Fukushima
Three Mile Island Accident
Tritium and Drinking Water Standards
Underground Pipes at Nuclear Reactors

Allegation Process
Analysis of Cancer Risks in Populations Near Nuclear Facilities
Biological Effects of Radiation
NRC's Support of U.S. Nonproliferation Objectives in the Licensing of Enrichment and Reprocessing Facilities
Petition for Rulemaking Process
Probabilistic Risk Assessment
Radiation Protection and the "Tooth Fairy" Issue
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General Audience Brochures
A Short History of Nuclear Regulation, 1946–2009 (NUREG/BR-0175)
Citizen's Guide to NRC Information (NUREG/BR-0010)
Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants (NUREG/BR-0521)
Fire Protection Program for Operating Reactors (NUREG/BR-0522)
Making Our Business Your Business (NUREG/BR-0277)
New Reactors: Striving for Enhanced Safety (NUREG/BR-0356)
NRC Information Digest (NUREG-1350)
NRC Public Meetings (NUREG/BR-0297)
NRC—Regulator of Nuclear Safety (NUREG/BR-0164)
Nuclear Power Plant Licensing Process (NUREG/BR-0298)
Nuclear Research Programs To Ensure Public Health and Safety (NUREG/BR-0282)
Protecting Our Nation: A Report of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NUREG/BR-0314)
Public Involvement in the Nuclear Regulatory Process (NUREG/BR-0215)
Public Petition Process (NUREG/BR-0200)
Radiation Protection and the NRC (NUREG/BR-0322)
Reactor License Renewal: Preparing for Tomorrow's Safety Today (NUREG/BR-0291)
Reactor Oversight Process (NUREG-1649)
Regulating Nuclear Fuel (NUREG/BR-0280)
Reporting Safety Concerns to the NRC (NUREG/BR-0240)
Safety of Spent Fuel Transportation (NUREG/BR-0292)
State Programs at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NUREG/BR-0520)
Strategic Plan (NUREG-1614)
The Regulation and Use of Radioisotopes in Today's World (NUREG/BR-0217)
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NUREG/BR-0099)
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Construction Inspection Program (NUREG/BR-0355)
Web-Based Public Access to ADAMS (NUREG/BR-0299)

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