NRC's Government Information Locator Service

The Federal Government Information Locator Service identifies and describes information resources throughout the Federal government. It also describes how the public can obtain the information (an information locator). As a Federal agency, NRC participates in this service and is required to provide the public ways to locate information products, automated information systems, and information locators.

Information Products

Examples of information products are books, maps, and publications, regardless of medium. NRC's information products are found either at this Web site, primarily in Basic References and Collections of Documents by Type, or by accessing our official public records in the Agencywide Documents Access and Management Systems (ADAMS).

Automated Systems

Examples are document and data retrieval systems that help the public access NRC information. The following automated systems are available:

Information Locators

Examples are indices, directories, and documents and other tools that help the public find NRC information. The following information locators are available:

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