2.206 Petition Documents

For information on the status of recent petitions, and decisions on those that have been completed, see the following:

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Active 2.206 Petitions
Petitions Under Consideration For Review
Licensee/Facility Petitioner Document Links
Tetra Tech EC, Inc. Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice
Fermi, Unit 2 Beyond Nuclear and Don’t Waste Michigan
NIST Center of Neutron Research Site Security Dalia Kulowiec
All Boiling Water Reactors with Mark I Containments Beyond Nuclear
Pressurized Water Reactors Thomas Saporito
Beaver Valley Unit 2 Thomas Saporito
Petition Actions Completed
Licensee/Facility Petitioner Document Links
See Status Reports of Public Petitions Under Review.

For information on the petition process, see Petition the NRC to Take an Enforcement Action.

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