NRC Federal Register Notices by year

The Federal Register is the Federal Government's official vehicle for informing the public about NRC actions. The NRC publishes different types of notices in the Federal Register.

Agency documents that contain regulatory text, impose requirements with general applicability and legal effect, concern a rulemaking proceeding, or announce an enhanced public participation initiative related to rulemaking are published in the rulemaking sections of the Federal Register. Petitions for rulemaking are published in the Proposed Rules section.

The documents the NRC publishes in the Notices section of the Federal Register usually deal with a particular aspect of the agency's licensing activities and frequently affect a named party, usually the licensee or a prospective licensee. Many NRC notice documents are required by law to be published; others are published voluntarily by the NRC to provide the public with general information of interest.

The Federal Register's Electronic Public Inspection Desk allows you to view Documents on Public Inspection prior to publication.

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