Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates for 2005

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Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates
Action Due Date Agreement
State Letter
30-Dec-05 STP-05-074 Comments on decommissioning guidance updates to implement license termination rule analysis
28-Nov-05 STP-05-066 Comments to OSHA on Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation (BEIR) VII report
21-Nov-05 STP-05-083 Contact if want to attend ground-water performance monitoring workshop
04-Nov-05 STP-05-077 Comments on draft revision to STP Procedure SA-120, "Agreement State Participation as IMPEP Team Members"
21-Oct-05 STP-05-070 Update current state of your State's 10 CFR Part 35 regulation
29-Sep-05 STP-05-064 Comments on draft procedures SA-300 "Report Materials Events
11-Sep-05 STP-05-061 Comments on draft procedures to incorporate letters of support guidance
15-Aug-05 STP-05-054 Comments on draft procedure, SA-113, "Placing an Agreement State on Probation"
02-Aug-05 STP-05-051 Comments on Draft RIS-"Assessment and Control of Radiation Dose to Vistors of Hospital Patients"
24-Jul-05 STP-05-034 Comments on last three ICRP Foundation Documents to ICRP website
10-Jul-05 STP-05-034 Comments on first two ICRP Foundation Documents to ICRP website
30-Jun-05 STP-05-042 Comment on draft proposed rule " 10 CFR parts 30, 31, 32, and 150: "Exemptions from Licensing, General Licenses, and Distribution of Byproduct Material: Licensing and Reporting Requirements"
05-Jun-05 STP-05-034 State comments on ICRP Foundation Documents to Donald Cool, NRC
22-May-05 STP-05-033 Comments on timing of FY 2006 IMPEP reviews
24-Mar-05 STP-05-016 Proposed rule--fee recovery for fy2005
18-Mar-05 STP-05-002 Comment on ICRP draft report, low-dose extrapolation of readiation-related cancer risk
04-Mar-05 STP-05-010 Comment on NUREG/BR-0108 "Hazardous Scrap-Beware"
23-Feb-05 STP-05-008 Comment on radiological criteria for disposition of solid materials
10-Feb-05 STP-05-004 Review your state's response to generally licensed device rule & comment if incorrect
07-Feb-05 STP-05-003 Training needs survey
27-Jan-05 STP-04-085 Comment on performance-based approach for 10 CFR 34.20