Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates for 2004

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Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates
Action Due Date Agreement
State Letter
19-Nov-04 STP-04-078 Comment on proposed revised abnormal occurrence (AO) criteria
15-Nov-04 STP-04-077 Comment on draft revision manual chapter 1246, Section 16
01-Nov-04 STP-04-074 Comment on draft FRN, re Protection of Safeguards Information
18-Oct-04 STP-04-072 Comment on 10CFR Part 35, Medical Use of Byproduct Material- Specialty Boards
11-Oct-04 STP-04-068 Comment on Draft 2005 Recommendations of the ICRP
29-Aug-04 STP-04-051 Comment on M.D. 6.3: "The Rulemaking Process"
06-Aug-04 STP-04-039 Comment on ICRP draft report on Protection Against Radiation Exposure in the Aftermath of a Terrorist/Nuclear Attack
02-Aug-04 STP-04-047 Comment on SA-109, low-level waste program and SA-110, uranium recovery programs
02-Aug-04 STP-04-042 Comment on NRC civil penalty authority over contractors & subcontractors who discriminate against employees in protected activities
28-Jul-04 STP-04-045 Comment on SA-102, common performance indicator, technical quality of inspections
30-Jun-04 STP-04-040 Provide responses to questions on Use of Inspection Manual Chapter 2800
07-Jun-04 STP-04-036 Comment on SA-103, technical staffing and training
07-Jun-04 STP-04-035 Comment on SA-118, orientation meetings for new agreement states
07-Jun-04 STP-04-034 Comment on SA-104, technical quality of licensing actions
23-May-04 STP-04-029 Comment on restructuring of the teletherapy and brachytherapy course (H-313)
16-May-04 STP-04-027 Comment on national materials program pilot project two draft report
11-Apr-04 STP-04-018 Comment on deferral of active ground-water regulation to EPA
17-Mar-04 STP-03-084 Comment on mixed waste disposal and NRC involvement
12-Mar-04 STP-04-009 Comment on use of SSD for generally licensed sources and devices
03-Mar-04 STP-04-008 Comment on draft rule-- 92% fee recovery for FY2004
20-Feb-04 STP-03-088 Proposed revision of 10 CFR Part 35, "medical use of by-product material"--specialty boards
08-Feb-04 STP-04-002 Comments on 10 CFR 19.13, 10 CFR Part 20, 10 CFR Part 50
06-Feb-04 STP-03-086 Comments on ISCORS--radioactivity in sewage sludge & ash
05-Feb-04 STP-04-001 Training needs survey
21-Jan-04 STP-03-085 Comment on Rev 1 to NUREG-1556, Vol 3, Applications for SSD evaluation & registration